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It feels so good to finish a piece you've been working on for a while.  That's what I focused on this week.  Finishing bits and pieces that were calling out for attention.  I started this dress back when Fionnuala was 6 (now 9).  She's grown about 2 feet since then, so it has become a tunic of sorts.

It's a lovely dress for Caoimhe (4 years old), but Fionnuala doesn't want to hand it down just yet.  The pattern is "Rainbow Dress" by Georgie Hallam and was really a simple, fun pattern.  I cannot for the life of me rememeber the yarn I used/bought.  Good thing I had enough of it!  Do any of you actually keep a yarn log or journal?

I finally pulled out the old Knitted Farmyard and begun to sew it down to the burlap.  I started this at a crafting group 5 years ago.  We all made squares and then swapped them.  The idea was to put together a knitted farmyard/playmat for the kids.  It's been bundled up in my craft closet and has moved four times with us.  I am determined to get it done before the end of October.  It brings back fond memories of some of my old "Waldorf Craft Group" friends.  I love how mismatched it is.  Should make for some interesting story times.

I am just about to finish up this knitted horse doll.  My mother spins and hand dyes yarn (lucky me!).  This gorgeous colorway screamed out to become a toy.  I haven't decided if I will keep it for the new baby, or gift it to my Mom.  At any rate it still needs to be sewn up and stuffed which is actually the hardest part.  I am not allowing myself to cast on another project until this one is finished.  I'll post pictures when the horse when it's done and hopefully it will be playing on the finished Farmyard!  I do not have a pattern to link to...it's just an old Waldorf playgroup pattern that is kind of handed down orally.  Speaking of finishing up, the book I am reading and focusing on right now is a $.50 gem I found at the thrift store, Art for the Very Young, by Elizabeth Kelly.  I've bought lots of expensive art books and art lesson plans, but this one is so simple and so straightforward.  We are all enjoying the projects.  Art happens almost everyday in this house, but I wanted to really get into stating at the basics.  September was all about the line and how it's used in art.  Just finishing up the plans for Oct/Nov now.... Shapes/Texture.

Happy knitting my friends! Linking Up with Ginny!


  1. wonderfulness. can't wait to see the finished play mat. i have thought about making one, but have yet to get around to it. :)

  2. Hi! I love the dress/tunic! I think Georgie Hallam created the Milo, too, which was a fun knit. I do not keep a log or journal of my knitting. My projects move along so slowly I'm pretty sure I won't ever knit the same thing twice! I love your mom's yarn. Lucky you!

  3. Love the tunic - and your house. We are currently looking for a bigger house but the prices are a little crazy in our city right now and so much is just lacking in character or fun. Really we just want a second bathroom and a bigger kitchen (which wouldn't be hard since ours is tiny). I use Ravelry to keep a log of my knitting - but it is a very basic log. I only knit a couple things a year and then I will forget what I am doing so it helps if I put it on there when I start something.

  4. Did you ever finish the little horse? Love the colorful yarn and was curious to see what it looks like all seamed up. Beautiful projects, btw...


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