Halloween Swaps Galore!

Ah!  I had so many blog posts running in my head for the last 2 weeks and absolutely NO time to sit down and type them out.  If some little gnome could just follow me around, take gorgeous pictures, and then write what's going on in my head...I'd be set!  Right?

Fionnuala embroidered this pumpkin using part of the kit we received from a swap

I did manage to get some Halloween crafting in, and I'd love to share it here.  I was the hostess for our annual Bits of Goodness Halloween Swap.  The ladies made some fun stuff!  As hostess I got my own cute items in exchange for the duty of swapping, packaging and re-shipping everything back out.  Hostessing is actually a bit of work and always costs more than you receive for return shipping, so the hostess gifts are greatly appreciated!

Dyed silk and transparency by Lindy from Sweet Harvest Homestead

Knit kitten by Megan - couldn't get a great photo, but this lil guy was a favorite of my kids!

Gnome clothespin and Autumn crown made by Jayna

Halloween Story Stones made by Autumn

Dia de los Muertos crocheted bracelet made by April

Beeswax pumpkin with felted mouse and Halloween note made by Jennifer

Halloween banner made by Maureen

I also joined my first swap over at Fairies and Gnomes Handwork.  This is a newer swap group on Facebook.  The swaps seem to be well run and they seem less uptight than some of the other Facebook Waldorf inspired swap groups.  I made these little "Mommy and Me" ghost candles.  They are made with local beeswax (from Southern CA) with cotton wicking.

Below are the items I got in return.  I will be swapping with this group again soon, with their Mealtime Swap.

 Gnome set made by Karen of Bridgit's Bell

Witch doll made by Kelly of Celie Elliot Dolls

Ghost peg doll and witch candle by Sonia

Pumpkin felted wall hanging by Heather

Felt board and craft kit put together by Lauren

Swaps are so fun during the holidays.  I am working on celestial dyed silks for the Bits of Goodness Celestial Swap.  Come join us and maybe you'll get one of my silks!


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