Autumn Circle - Apples and Leaves

Our center.

Our banner.

Oonagh as the apple tree.
Erris running story time.

Autumn Circle - Apples and Leaves


**As we light our candle:

Fire fairies fire fairies, come to our circle
Let the fire fairies come, bringing golden light from the sun!

**Opening Verse:

The Earth is firm beneath my feet, (touch hands to ground)
The sun shines bright above. (Make sun above head)
Here I stand so straight and tall, (standing up very straight)
All things to know and Love. (Hug self)

Morning Has Come:

Morning has come (open arms over head)
Night is away (bend down to ground)
We rise with the sun (rise up, extending arms)
And welcome the day (welcoming arms, open outwards)

(we use ASL for the words in italics)
Good morning dear Earth
Good morning dear Sun
Good morning dear stones
And the flowers everyone

Good morning dear beasts
And the birds in the trees
Good morning to you
Good morning to me

Be Ye Lamps:

(This is sung as a round.  We practice all together first, then the older two start off the round.  This song was written to express a quote from Buddha.  It's quite beautiful and I cannot find a link to share the music...we will post a video later this week)

Be ye lamps unto yourselves
Be your own confidence
Hold to the truth within yourselves
As to the only lamp...

The Apples are Golden:

(I wish I knew where this originated.  It is a classic in Waldorf Early Childhood circles, and a favorite amongst my little ones.  The children act this out with one child as the apple tree, one child as the old woman, and everyone dances a jig as they "laugh"!)

The apples are golden and ready to drop
Um-hum ready to drop!
There came an old woman to pick them all up
Um-hum pick them all up!
 A big apple fell and it gave her a knock...
It made the old woman go hippity hop, it mad ethe old woman go hippity hop!

I laugh ha ha and I laugh hee hee
I laugh all day for it pleases me!
I laugh ha ha and I laugh hee hee
I laugh all day for it pleases me!

Whiskey Friskey:

( a sweet fingerplay about a little squirrel, they take turns doing this to each other)

Whiskey frisky, hippity hop! (make circles on child's palm)
Up the squirrel goes, to the tree top. (scamper fingers up child's arm til you get to the top of her head)
Whirly twirly round and round, (rub circles on the top of her head)
Down he scampers to the ground (scamper fingers down child's back)

Furly curly, what a tail! (take child's arm)
Tall as a feather, broad as a sail. (hold it straight up, then curved inward)
Where's hes supper, inside this shell? (cup hands and peek into the opening)
Snappity, crackity...out it fell (knock "shell on top of child's head, then tickle down their neck and arms)

**Closing verse:

Stars, moon and sun…
Now our circle is done.
We’re ready to start our day
full of learning, love and play.


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