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Snack time is a big deal in my house.  My kids are grazers.  Really?!?  Yours too?!?

Since we home school, they have constant access to the kitchen and it can be a drag to be a short order cook and wash a thousand dishes every day.  After breakfast I close the kitchen until "snack time".  When it's officially snack time, the kids wait at the table to see what's on their boards.  It's kind of a sweet ritual.  This is the one time they are not in the kitchen helping.  They enjoy getting a surprise snack and I enjoy plating something simple and nutritious to get us through to lunch.

A mama friend asked what I did for snack time a few weeks ago.  I keep it simple.  I always make sure there's a bit of protein and fat to keep hungry tummies happy.  I also always make it simple finger foods (less dishes!).

I decided to quickly snap a shot at each snack last week so I could share them here.  Mondays we have a class in the morning, so snack is in the car or at a park.  Weekends all rhythms and rituals are out the window because our weekends are all over the place!  We start snack with this verse.  It's  a traditional Waldorf verse that we first learned at a playgroup many years ago...

Blessings on the blossom, blessings on the root
blessings on the leaf and stem,
blessings on the fruit.


Cucumbers, red pepper bean dip, and strawberries.


Carrots, raw cashew - choco balls, turmeric mango lassi.


Soaked almonds, grapes, cherry tomatoes and raw cashew-choco balls.


Pesto-kale hummus, cucumbers, pistachios, goji beries and a few mini chocolate chips (we love these!).

We use these lovely boards at snack time to make it special.  The rabbits were our first boards and I got them from Magic Cabin.  Then I had a fellow crafty mama make me some piggies and kitties.  You can see more of her work here.  Honestly the more expensive rabbit boards have split in half, where as the mama made ones are super sturdy.  We do give them some beeswax love about once a month.  That helps to keep them smooth and's also a lovely activity when the little ones need to have busy hands.

What does snack time look like in your home?


  1. Your snack time looks wonderful! {can I join you? lol} I'm so happy my boards are being well-loved by your wonderful little ones! Thank you! namaste.

  2. I love this. I've been trying to keep little people out of my kitchen in the mornings too or else breakfast turns into second breakfast which turns into snack time which turns into lunch I have spent the entire morning in the kitchen and haven't done anything else. My Oonagh wants to eat O's (Cherrios) all day long right now and that is frustrating too. It's actually easier on the busier mornings so we are on the go. Also, I've always loved your snack boards.

  3. My homeschooled children are grazers, too. I've been thinking about snack boards. Perhaps we'll have some someday. So happy to have found your blog!

  4. Melanie - do it! Close the kitchen. Make a cute sign or something... :)
    Brandy - even a small bamboo cutting board will do...


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