Pregnant Mama Bath Salts

An old friend is pregnant with her first child.  I think I may be more excited than she is!  I just loved the feelings around my first pregnancy...amazement, excitement, impatience, imagination.  It was such an amazing journey into mother-hood.  I am blessed with fairly "easy" pregnancies, but there are a few herbal remedies I like to use to help make the pregnancy a blissful one.

This bath salt recipe is very basic and can be tailored a bit depending on what symptoms the pregnant mama is experiencing.  My friend mentioned sore, tight muscles.  Knowing this, I added eucalyptus essential oil (safe after 1st trimester) and made the Epsom salts outweigh the Himalayan salt.  Below are just a few benefits of the ingredients:

Epsom Salts - trans-dermal magnesium boost, and sore muscle soother
Himalayan Pink Salt - helps stimulate circulation and hydrate your skin
Bentonite Clay - draws toxins out
Oats - skin soother and moisturizer
Lavender - to calm the mind
Lavender Essential Oil - again, calming...very important for pregnant mamas
Eucalyptus Essential Oil - helps soothe sore muscles

**I gathered all my helpers to put their energy and love into creating this gift.  I believe a large part of the effectiveness of a certain herbal remedy is the intention, thought and love put into it's creation.  I dare say with this many eager hands and smiling faces, my friend will be well taken care of!** 

Pregnant Mama Bath Salts

2 cups Epsom salts
1/2 cup Rolled oats
1/4 cup Dried lavender
1/4 cup Bentonite clay
1/4 cup Himalayan pink salt
20 drops EO of Lavender
10 drops EO of Eucalyptus

To make:

Mix all dry ingredients together.  For a smoother look you can grind the oats and the lavender, but we like it chunky.  Add your 30 drops of essential oil and mix using a utensil, not your hands.  The essential oils will soak into your hands quicker than the salts!  Let the mix sit at least 6 hours, mixing after every two hours if you think about it.  Then store in an airtight container.

To Use:

Place 1/4 cup or so of the bath salts into a little cotton muslin bag.  Tie it to the end of your faucet and let the bath water fill over the bag, then toss it in when the bath is full.  A candle and some deep breathing will help round out the experience.  Be sure to enjoy the moment now, because once you have kids you will never have a bath like this again...(just kidding!  But it may be a while...seriously.  Ask me how I know.).


  1. Amazing! Thanks for sharing - can't wait to make some of these? Where do you get your muslin bags? I think I'll make some out of calico! :)

  2. That does sound so nice. I might have to give it a go. Is the bentonite clay essential? And, yes, it is so true that you will never have a bath like that once the baby is on the outside. I bet my children would enjoy this in their baths.

  3. Bekka - I get the little muslin bags at Mountain Rose Herbs...but a specialty Grocery Store like Whole Foods might have them in their cooking section.

    Brandy - No it's not essential...but I really like the way it makes the bath water silky and the whole drawing toxins thing out is a big plus since we live in a huge toxic city. :)


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