Yarn Along - Rainbow Dress

Joining Ginny in her Yarn Along....for the first time in almost 3 years!

I started this gorgeous piece so long ago that I have two problems:

1 - I cannot for the life of me remember the yarn I bought.  Hopefully I have enough!
2 - I started making it for Fionnuala when she was 6 and now she's 9 and about 10 inches taller!!  

Problem #1 is probably worked out since I have 2 skeins left (untagged of course).  Problem #2 is harder but I seem to have found a solution.  Make it a shirt/tunic instead of a dress!  The pattern is the popular Rainbow Dress.  It's been a very easy knit so far and the fact that I can pick it up at any time and throw a few rounds on without looking at a pattern, means it might actually get finished soon.

Oonagh thinks that if I am sitting i should be reading...to her.  So for now this is the book I just can't put down. What Do You Do by Mandy Stanley has been a favorite of all four girls.  We've been through quite a few copies already.  The lovely part is that I know it by heart so I can knit while I "read".

So glad to be back to knitting...


  1. I love this dress- I wish I would have knit this for my girl a decade ago. Beautiful color way you chose.

  2. oh my goodness, i have a daughter named fiona and a daughter names nuala. we almost names nuala fionnuala but we thought it would confuse people. LOL and our sweet kitty is named oonagh <3
    wonderful project you are working on. :)

    1. Ha! We almost named my second daughter (Erris) Fiona...but with Fionnuala already we didn't want to confuse people. Small Gaelic names world. :)

  3. I thought I commented on this a while ago but it seems to have disappeared. I think that dress might be my next knitting project. I tend to only knit from Fall to mid-winter and then take a break again until the next Fall. Not sure why that is - especially since winter is really about 7 months of the year here. A nice easy project like that would serve me well - I'm sure I will have to make three of them though. Our Oonagh is now very much into books which is great but it also means I have read Mr. Brown Can Moo about 100x in the last couple weeks. She's also really into The Baby Catalogue. Do you have the Ahlberg books? (Peepo, Each Peach Pear Plum, etc.) They have always been really popular at our house.


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