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**Note from mama- Fionnuala was the one who inspired me to start blogging again.  Since we have slowly started to introduce a bit of media into her world, I wanted her to be involved in a fun way.  "I want to inspire other girls to cook, create and help out their families".  I couldn't be more proud of her.  As far as homeschooling goes...she is learning skills in photography, editing, typing, journalism etc...  Life learning is the best kind!  The following words and pictures are all her own...**

Welcome to Fionnuala Fridays

So when I woke up this morning I was Starving with a capital S.  I thought I would make the Farmhouse Breakfast. My grandma taught me how to make it.  This is a perfect breakfast if you had baked potatoes left over from the night before or if you have baked potatoes left over from any night.
Farmhouse Breakfast (Erris set the table)

I thought that others may like to learn to make this incredibly easy breakfast.
I have made this dish so often I know it by heart.So here it is...
Farmhouse Breakfast
Makes 5 small portions
4 small baked potatoes chopped into squares
 6-8 eggs
3/4 cup of shredded cheese
(I prefer cheddar but any cheese will do)
1 cup of sliced cherry tomatoes
1/3 onion (optional)
chives for garnish (optional)
butter or olive oil 
about 4 leaves of basil 

First crack the eggs over a bowl and whisk.  Add tomatoes and basil to eggs and whisk some more.
Put butter or olive oil in pan and scramble the egg , tomatoes and onions.When the eggs are almost done mix in half the cheese. 
For the potatoes, put butter in a pan and add potatoes and the rest of the cheese. Cook until hot and slightly crispy.Top with chives and if you have extra cheese you may garnish with that also.
Of course every one liked it so I put their reviews right here
Erris-"Its really good I want her to make it every day!"
Caoimhe-"Its good I like the tomatoes, eggies and potatoes in it."
Oonagh-"Good. Eggies!!!"
Mom-"The eggs were fluffy and I liked the gouda cheese." 
Dad- "Perfect, you're quite the chef."

The messy after math.(What mom has to deal with)
See you next Friday and thanks for reading!!!


  1. Great recipe Finn --- I made it this morning and Ion and I both loved it!! The squash is also tres magnifique! Keep up the great cooking!

    1. Fionnuala loved that you commented! We had the squash that evening with tamari and bok choy. xo

  2. That looks like a mighty fine breakfast Finn! I could have that for lunch or even dinner! We'll be trying your recipe very soon. Have all the ingredients right here on the farm. Miss you!

    1. Debbie! Fionnuala was so excited to see your comment! Then she said, "Well of course she has all the stuff for it on her farm...that's why it's called Farmhouse Breakfast". ha!

  3. Great post Finn! Love the glasses, too :)


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