Easy Ghee

A scoop of ghee out of the fridge for our eggs this morning!

We’ve been making ghee regularly in this house for a few years now.  I first started making it when researching options for cooking without vegetable oil.  There are quite a few lovely ghee making tutorials out there, like this one…and this one.  That’s NOT what I am doing here.  

Here I am posting real life ghee making pics.  Taken in a hurried fashion while simultaneously making mushroom tacos and keeping the peace amongst 4 little girls that were very needy and moody after a long day with not enough downtime. 

The amazing thing about the way I make ghee is that it is so ridiculously easy that it can be done while you do 10 other things.  It's very, I repeat, very hard to screw up.  The first few times I attempted to make ghee I ended up burning the milk solids and ruining the whole (expensive!) batch.  Then I found this oven method and it’s been a breeze ever since.

Easy Ghee
Makes a bit more than 2 cups of liquid gold

*Does it have to be grass-fed…NO…but I would recommend it.  many people say to use unsalted...but I see no difference in quality.

Quart glass pyrex bowl
Stainless steel fine mesh skimmer (I use this one)
Tea Towel or cloth napkin
Glass jar with lid (mason jars are perfect)

Preheat the oven to 250.  

Dump your butter into the pyrex, put it into the oven and walk away for at least 2 hours.  That’s right!  Just walk away and do something else. 

Come back sometime between 2 and 4 hours (The longer you keep the ghee in the oven, the more the milk solids will “brown” and flavor the ghee.  I prefer about 4 hours.  Tonight I made it in 2 because it was a 2 hour kinda night).

Take the pyrex out of the oven (with an oven mitt!) and set it on a nice wooden surface to keep the glass from stress.  

Skim the top of the melted butter with the skimmer being careful not to disturb the milk solids settled at the bottom.  I generally use a bit of cloth to wipe the inside edges since some solids tend to stick there too.  
Let it sit and cool a bit (5-30 min).  Again…go do something else!  

Come back and slowly pour the ghee over the skimmer (lined with a fresh tea towel or cloth napkin) into your glass jar.  This will make darn sure there’s no wacky milk solids getting in.  *You are not emptying the whole liquid amount.  The bottom 1/2 cup or so with be whitish/brown (the milk solids).  Keep that in the pyrex and do not pour it thru the skimmer.  

I usually pour 3/4 of the ghee in with out the tea towel because it’s faster, then the last bit I’ll use the tea towel to make sure it’s clear of the milk solids.

You have now made ghee.  Be proud and call yourself a foodie!

You can store the ghee on the counter top with an airtight lid, but I prefer to keep it in the fridge.  I find it easier to scoop out the exact amount I need.

I generally like doing things the old fashioned way.  I love keeping the “culture” in making traditional foods by making them the traditional way.  This is one of my cheater recipes that is definitely worth it.  

Perhaps when I have a bit more time on my hands I will return to making it on the stove, but until then, I heart my easy ghee.


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