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Guess what the kids ate first?

I used to always post our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes.  We had so many great options when we lived in Long Beach.
At one time or another we were part of:
Urban Farm
Tanaka Farms
The Growing Experience
Farmer Steve - Citrus

Harvesting our pears and peaches Fall 2012 in WA

For the year or so we were in Washington we had our own garden and orchard.  We grew so much of our own food...it was amazing!
While we were there we also got a box from the lovely folks over at Cloudview Eco-Farms.  No blog posts on that one since I was so busy running the little farm we had going that I never ended up blogging about it!

Now that we are in Los Angeles though, I have yet to find a great CSA.  I thought for sure there would be all sorts of CSA's to choose from, but there's not.  Perhaps because there are multiple Farmer's Markets every single day of the week in the city?

Dealing with four veggie crazed kids at a farmer's market though is not always super fun.  It's not like pictures out of the food magazines where some lovely mama is strolling through the market with a gorgeous floppy hat and two adorable children at her side quietly holding their own wicker basket.  No...no.  It's more like one mama trying to wrangle four kids as they all dart off in different directions towards their favorite vendors.  Then fabulous arguments over which apple is better or whether we are done with "watermelon season". I always end up forgetting something and spending way too much on what the kids are devouring as we are just walking around.  Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy going to the Farmer's Markets...just not all the time.  I need an easy box!

We tried Farm Fresh To You both here in LA and also when we were in Long Beach, but their boxes are not cost efficient and their customer service has been less than stellar.  Their produce looks plucked out of Whole Foods and I swear it's not all organic.  I generally prefer to join CSA's that are directly from a farm...not a sort of middle man collecting form other farms.  It does seem that the new wave of CSA's are collections of smaller farms.  I like the idea of more and more smaller farms, but it makes the price point go up, ya know?

That brings me to this week's CSA box from Savraw.  We ordered a $48.00 "Large" box as I do believe we are considered a large family.  Here's what we got:

1 large bunch chard
1 bunch Thai Basil
3 cayenne peppers
1 bunch curly kale
1 bunch dino kale
1 head butter lettuce
1 med. eggplant
2 peaches
1 bunch parsley
1 bunch broccoli
3 cucumbers
3 zucchini
4 red onions
1 asian pear
3 oranges
1 doz pluots
1 pint cherry tomatoes
1 lb San Marzano tomatoes
1 delicata squash
1 heirloom squash

Not bad, right?  The quality of the produce was pretty good.  The tomatoes were amazingly sweet, the pluots were devoured before I could even get one, and the cucumbers were some of the best I've had all summer.  The kale left a little something to be desired.  Maybe picked a day or two earlier? Also one of the zucchini was bad and the eggplant had to be eaten straight away, thus foiling my plans to make my eggplant jerky.  The cayennes are waiting to go into my pickled jalapenos later this week, and the squash will be dinner tomorrow.

 I certainly like their well developed website, complete with recipes and local "add-ons" like honey and bee pollen. Their customer service has been easy and swift (all online) and the woman who I picked the box up from insisted on loading it into my car (thank you!).  Honestly my only hang up is the price.  I feel $40 would be fair for this amount.  I know it's only an $8 difference, but I am feeding a large family and trying to get the best quality produce my budget can allow...so price is a factor.  I will be moving on to try a few other CSA's, but SavRaw is definitely a contender.

Do you participate in a CSA?



  1. Oh my goodness, your description of the farmer's market outings with kids - so funny! No, life isn't always a pretty picture, is it? But your pear harvest pic is, well, picture perfect :-)

  2. My friend, Jennifer Piette, started "Out of the Box Collective" back in 2011. Let me know if you try her farm-to-table boxes: http://outofbox.deliverybizpro.com/home.php

  3. Hi! I was doing Savraw for years, took a break and started up again about a year ago. We are only two and I find the regular box more than we can manage. We spend $32, plus $8 for eggs... $40 each week. I love the farmer's markets in LA, but by the time I get through traffic, find (and at Hollywood pay for) parking, shop among the hordes, I usually find my morning is gone and almost always spend at least twice as much or more than our current $40. Savraw produce is usually very good, but I too, occasionally get a dude fruit or veggie. I think it is a very good value or at least a fair value, considering farmer's market and Whole food's prices. I checked out the Shelly's link, but you need to be a Hollywood elite to afford those prices.


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