Just about time...


It's just about time to start writing again...I think.  Honestly, what's kept me from writing is this insane idea that I would need to transcribe this enormous "comeback" post where I talk about everything we have been doing in the past 2 years.  There was also the part where I wanted to design the website and make it pretty before I put up a post. 

I realized those were just excuses not to do it.
I'm just gonna bare bones it for a while. 
I will write.
I will share.
The other things will come.

I missed this space and the connections, both real and virtual, that come with it.

Indeed a certain amount of catching up needs to be done...if only for my own timeline when I read this 30 years from now, so...

The highlights of March 2012 - February 2014:
  • Moved to a 3 acre hobby farm in rural WA.
  • Had another child, a baby girl.
  • Baby girl had severe eczema that consumed all my time and energy trying to help her overcome it.
  • Started dreadlocks (that lasted all of 4 months).
  • Lost my grandmother who I was closest to.
  • My husband started having seizures.
  • Radically changed my 16 years of a vegan/vegetarian diet.
  • Moved back to Long Beach for 3 months.
  • Moved to the center of Los Angeles.

To be honest I thought I was going to blog full time when we moved to the farm.  I even bought a new domain name "The Vegetarian Homestead".
Good, right?
It just didn't happen.


I was too busy having fun!  Having babies, milking goats, canning fruit from our orchard, chopping wood, pulling weeds, knitting hats, chasing chickens and making new friends.


I was too busy having panic attacks!  If you re-read my highlights above you can see that not all of them are unicorns and rainbows.  There were some very dark times for our family and to be honest some of it I am just not ready to re-visit yet.

I hope to slowly but surely share all the adventures we've had, both good and bad.  One of the reasons I want to blog again is to share our story with Oonagh's eczema.  That will be an epic post!

I suppose other bits will leak out in various posts when I am in reflection...

Looking forward to sharing with you all...assuming I have some readers left.



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