Yarn Along - Never-ending Overalls

Joining Ginny for her Yarn Along!

KNITTING: Overalls!!  These overalls will  be finished...I promise you.  I have been working on these (on and off) since last November.  The plan was to make them for Baby C for Christmas.  Check out the pattern at The Purl Bee.  Aren't they adorable?  I bought this lovely Euroflax linen yarn and started knitting and guess what?  I hate it!  The linen is so rough on my fingers.  I can seriously only knit a few rows and then I'm over it.  I know once the garment is done I'll be able to wash it and dry it and it will get that lovely silky slougchiness we all love linen for...but for now it sucks to knit with!  Any suggestions for knitting with linen, or am I just a big baby?

READING: Lasagna Gardeningby Patricia Lanza.  I borrowed this from the library, but just bought a copy off Amazon.  I will be starting a new (much larger) garden this Spring and in order to get it ready to plant by late April, this is the only way to go.  It's basically sheet composting, but Patricia's book is so easy and fun to read, you really feel like anyone can be an amazing gardener.  Plus I just love her intro...so sweet and heartfelt.  Anyone done this type of garden before?  Any tips?

FINISHED OBJECT:  Here's the scarf I made for my Mother-in-Law.  It turned out lovely and I did enjoy the pattern!

Happy knitting!


  1. oh, those are going to be super cute. i have never knit with linen. interesting.
    and that scarf is a lovely color. :)

  2. Okay, those overalls are just ridiculously cute! I want me another baby to knit them for. I've never knit with linen. Didn't know there WAS linen yarn. Interesting.

    I just began sheet composting this fall, and can't wait to get planting to see how it turns out. It was SO easy compared to conventional gardening methods.

  3. Those *are* adorable. Okay, I'm off to see what sheet composting is. lol.

  4. how fun! LOVE the scarf..that color is fantastic:))


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