Yarn Along - Finally!

After like a year, I am finally joining Ginny with her Yarn Along!  I kept meaning to...but, you know...
Actually this is the first ever joining or linking I've ever done!
I really love the idea of sharing what I've been knitting and reading...it can open up such wonderful dialogue!  

I am working on a scarf for my Mother-in-Law as a birthday gift.  I am using Manos Maxima yarn in the Fire colorway. She bought me quite a bit of yarn for Christmas and I wanted to make sure I made something for her out of it.  I am really enjoying the simple pattern and the rows it creates are wonderfully tactile.  I found the pattern here.

I love the Ashley English books.  Full of info, pretty to look at and simple to read.  Thank you Ashley!  This is actually my second time through her Keeping Beesbook as we prepare to get our bees (soon!).  More posts on that later...

FO (finished object):
Using some more of the Manos yarn (Peach Melba), I finished my first clothing piece.  Yay!  I've made countless hats, gloves and toys but had yet to make a piece of clothing.  I chose Kelly's In 3's Cardigan.  It was so easy!  I highly recommend it to any knitter, novice or expert.  It knits up quickly and effortlessly.  This one I made is for E, but I now have a request for one from F.  As soon as I can finish C's overalls (which are giving me a headache), I'll cast on another.

What are you knitting/reading these days?


  1. see now i have seen three other people making this sweater. hmmm i like it alot and your yarn is wonderful. maybe i will try it.

  2. What a beautiful little sweater. I think I could use one like that for myself!
    Ginny's yarn along is the only linking-up I've ever done, too. So many fun projects from such an interesting group of bloggers!

  3. Hi!
    I ran across your blog earlier this week. (Sorry, I can't remember from where...)
    So nice to see you here with the Yarn Along.
    Happy knitting!

  4. What a gorgeous cardigan! Great color, too!

  5. I am admiring the little cardigan, what a beautiful color and the sweater design is lovely.

  6. Congratulations on your first clothing piece, it's very beautiful.

  7. Yay for first times!!! It turned out so well too!

  8. oh! so glad you're joining the yarn along! great knits. i have the "in threes" pattern too - waiting for the right little girl to make it for.

  9. Both patterns are lovely. I so much like Manos' yarns but haven't used Maxim at all. Such a wonderful color - I'm sure your mother will like it.

  10. I think the scarf is beautiful, and you're right, that colorway is very vibrant and exciting!
    The Beauty of Eclecticism

  11. Thank you! Perfect timing..Me and my hubby have been talking a lot about bees lately. It's something that we have been wanting to do for a long time and are ready to start looking into it more. I was off and on amazon this weekend looking for a good book on raising bees. thank you for the suggestion! ~ Brooke

  12. how adorable your little girl looks in her new cardigan. i love in threes and even after making several, i look forward to more in the future!
    welcome to yarnalong!

  13. Beautiful cardigan! So sweet on your girl :) I love that series of books, too. Yay for bees!

  14. Oh, what a sweet, sweet sweater! And that yarn color is absolutely yummy!


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