Dehydrator Diaries - Jamberry!

**I am truly missing my time in Blogland lately...I'm working on something, kinda small, but kinda taking up a lot of my time.  I hope to share it in this space soon, but until then my posts may be more sporadic!**

This Dehydrator Diaries post is inspired by one of our favorite children's books, Jamberry!

Here in Southern CA strawberry season has begun, yay!  Even our own backyard strawberry garden (now up to 8 plants) is in full swing!  Just a few short weeks and we'll have our own supply.

For now we are enjoying them in one of our CSA boxes.  F requested the strawberries be put into our next batch of raw cereal, and E requested we add chocolate.  So that's what we made!

We made our regular raw cereal recipe (from Raw Food/Real World) and just tossed in about 1.5 cups of strawberries and 1/4 cup carob powder.

Mother's (my favorite health food store) had a sale on fresh blueberries, so we swooped up about 8 packages.  Froze some, devoured most and managed to make some yummy Grawnola too!

Someone's chubby little fingers kept grabbing blueberries!

It's basically like this one we made a while back, but with fresh blueberries instead of dried. We all agree that the fun pop of the fresh blueberries is way better than using the dried.  They get semi dehydrated, but keep some moisture.  I recommend keeping this in the fridge...not that it will last long!

3 bowls for 3 little girls...

What have you been dehydrating?  What are your favorite berry recipes?
I'd love to make this soon!


  1. It is hard to imagine for me that you have strawberries growing!! We are still in the coldest part of our winter here. YUM grawnola!!


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