Save Your Seeds, Save Yourselves

Seed saving is quickly becoming popular again.  Monsanto is scaring even the smallest urban farmers into the practice of saving their seeds!  That's a whole different post altogether, but if you're interested here's some links:

Lords Of The Harvest
Food Inc.
Stolen Harvest
Millions Against Monsanto

Last year we took part in an online seed saving exchange that Lisa over at Earthmama hosted.  I am not sure if she's doing it again this year, but we've been busy saving seeds anyways.  Let me know if you're interested in exchanging some!

Green Beans
Lavender (not seeds to plant, buds for herbal goodies!)
Orange Cosmos
Mammoth Sunflower Seeds
Holy Basil (also known as Thai Basil)
Ruby Red Okra
Pumpkins (or pumperkinnys, as Baby C calls them)

1.My attempt at saving tomato seeds was foiled by over fermentation (so stinky!).  
2.I tried butternut squash, but did not dry them properly and they grew mold. Sad face.  That was some of the tastiest butternut squash!
3.Butter lettuce didn't work because a crazy windstorm uprooted the lettuce tree that was just about to flower.
4.Beets...those poor beets never had a chance.  We eat them up instantly. I may have to "hide" some in the garden so they can be allowed to go to seed.

The girls really got into it and are excited to plant our baby seeds this year.  I look forward to learning even more about seed saving and creating our own Crooked Moon Seed Bank.

For more information on seed saving check out these books (hopefully they're at your library!):
Seed to Seed
Seed Saver's Handbook

Seed Saving Websites:
Native Seeds
Seed Saving Institute


  1. Very interesting. Will have to do some extra reading on this! :) Thanks for sharing

  2. I so wish I could grow from seeds. I tried one year and it was a total failure. The cute little seeds sprouted but then died. And our growing season is fairly short... sigh. The only thing I've had halfway good luck with so far is tomatoes {& we had a terrible horn worm prob last year, which we fed to the catfish. At least they enjoyed them lol}, but I plan to try a few other things this coming year. :)

  3. this has been on my mind a lot lately too. Thank you for the post!

  4. I missed this! This is something we're really interested in...seems proactive in what can seem like a scary world, to teach your children how to grow their own food, and to save the seeds. You might be interested in a children's storybook called "A Handful of Seeds" (not sure of the author's name). I hope to read up on this this year. Thanks for posting!

  5. Thanks Knitty! I'll go check out that book....

  6. Could there be a more wonderful exchange, I think not! LOVE this!

  7. Hi CMM, Loved your blog. I save my seeds too and exchange them sometimes for bigger benefits:-)
    I have grown from seeds successfully almost all the things I grow myself...great way to go organic too.


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