New Year, New CSA

That's right folks...I am doing another CSA post.
You can see past ones here:
...and probably a few more somewhere.

I am excited to tell you about the Green Lab, Urban Farm!  I have known about this place for a while, but let me tell you I have recently fallen in love with it!  I went to check it out a few months ago, and we are hooked.  It's a great little neighborhood farm that strives to not only bring the community together, but to share and involve them in the process.

Look at all that gorgeous food!  This is the contents of our box last week:
Romaine Lettuce
Red Leaf Lettuce
Green Onions
Brussel Sprouts

The farm stand is open on Tuesdays and Fridays in the winter from 10am-5pm.  I order a box for $30 and pick it up on Fridays, but I always add to it.  They have $2 a pint for organic strawberries year round (yes, a perk of living in southern CA)!

They offer fresh chicken and duck eggs when available.  They have a flock of about 12 chickens that are some of the healthiest, happiest little creatures I've met.  F loves to catch them and hold them.  Poor little thing wants chickens so bad!  They also have a handful of ducks roaming about.

They've started a Tuesday morning knitting group (love!) and be on the lookout for more classes and events in the works.  There is a butterfly garden, a stone labyrinth, and they offer free compost and mulch to the community.  If you're local, do stop by and check them out.  If you're not, use this as an example and get one going in your neck of the woods...urban or not!


  1. nice! what a great way to bring the community together.

  2. I'm just dreaming of gardens right now...we're in northern Ontario with two feet of snow!
    THANKS so much for the toothpaste recipe. I love it! I love the sweet taste of the water when I rinse my mouth. Haven't tried it with the kids yet.

  3. Wow. That place sounds like a dream. Our outdoor thermometer actually froze at -40oC this week and I've been wearing long underwear indoors all week. I too can only dream about gardens for many more months. ;)

  4. I went today because I read this. It was wonderful. I totally scored! Best strawberries!! I just had a bunch of delish asparagus with my lunch as well. Thanks for letting us know about this place.


  5. How rude of me to all my winter weather friends. :) If it makes you feel better, I may be in your shoes this time next year....

    Adrienne - Glad you liked it! I know a lot of local mamas checked it out this week!


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