Baths and Babies

I participated in two Bits of Goodness swaps last month and I always love sharing what we get in our return packages.  

First up is the Baby Swap.  Since I love babies, and I love gnome hats...that's what I made!  I had some gorgeous Rowan bulky wool and some Bolero wool, so these knit up quickly...  

I made the hostess a small aviator bonnet since she was due with her baby soon.  These caps fit newborns so sweetly!

Don't mind the dingy photos below.  I had to take the pictures at night since I planned on using some of these as Christmas gifts and I have quite a few nosy little girls wandering around all day!
Here's what we got in exchange:

Knit teether/rattle by Claudia B.

Knit eggplant by Deb N.

Doll/rattle by Priscilla M.

Felt baby toy cube by Lacey G.

Linen/cotton tag blankie by Kelly O.

Next up was the Bath Swap.  I knit these soap holders.  I always prefer solid soap in the bath/shower, but hate it when it gets set down on the tub edge or the counter.  These knit bags remind the girls (and Daddy) that the soap has a home of its own to go to when you're done with it.

Here's the bath time goodness we got back in return:

A bathmit and a washcloth.
These were both made by the talented Kelly O.

A sweet set of bath salts and a matching washcloth, untagged (don't know who made it!).

Bathsalts (untagged).

A felted soap, we just love the cloud and rain drops design (untagged).

How about you?  Have you participated in any swaps lately?


  1. What wonderful swap items! Can't wait for my first swap through Bits of Goodness :-) I've already started getting ready! Warmly, Kelly

  2. Oh wow, what at wonderful collection of handmade treasures:))

  3. The felted soap was me! I'm glad you could tell what the design was! You should feel special to own a one-of-a-kind item as I will NEVER make those again. Not to my taste at all (to do; I like them and may buy some).


  4. Kelly - looking forward to seeing your creations!

    Molly - I know! Felted soaps are hard, but worth it!

  5. Oh my goodness - those are BUNDLES of goodness. And I just LOVE your gnome hats!

  6. Wonderful crafty swaps.Loved each of them.


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