First words

Thank you for all the Birthday wishes for E, she had a lovely day!
Since I'm on a roll with these family posts here's another.

C's language is booming right now.  New words every day, and they all bring a smile to my face.  I really love the 18 month old phase.

Before I forget her original first words from a few months ago I wanted to document them here, because let's face it...her baby book might not get done until she's off to college.  Plus I love these photos of her dancing in her groovy longies!

The following is an evolution of her words for nursing:
nigh-nigh = nursing
nuss = nursing
mick = nursing
mee-mee= nursing

pad-pad = iPad
wa-wa = water
Eeeeee! - smoothie
Ehs = E (now eh-wiss = E)
Fffff = F (now oo-la= F)
oof-oof = Savage
ah -wuf- oo = I love you

ham = hand
commee = come with me
ballet =ballet (pronounced perfectly at 14 months...maybe we're at the ballet studio too often since her first steps and her first full word were there...hmmmm.)
sissy =her sisters
noo-noo =noodles
cha-lock =chocolate


  1. Aww sweet girl! Love those pants:) and that last photo is simply precious. What a great way to keep a record for her. ~ Barefoot Mama

  2. For some reason I didn't realize how close in age C and my F are. F's language is just starting to bloom right now too. I should keep a record of it. My favourites are:

    -Tuk for touque (I think Americans call them beanies?0
    -Sup for soup
    -Te-ee for tea (not that we give her tea but we drink a lot of it).

    So fun!

  3. Our kid's word for nursing was Mee-mee as well! So sweet. When my daughter was 18 months and nursing, I offered by saying, "Do you want some mee-mee and my almost 4 year old said, "She wants more you-you, mom."

  4. I love that phase too! I used to teach that age group. So cute.


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