Bugs, Birds and Bees Swap

Oh, that's right!
Now I remember why I stopped blogging in November of last year....because the end of the year is CRAZY busy, huh?

Well, I am here so I guess I am making time for it.  Actually we just got back from a lovely trip to Prescott AZ to visit my 90 year old grandfather.  It was his first time meeting Baby C and we hope to be back soon!

The big girls got to play in the snow a bit and they have decided that they want to live somewhere where it snows....we'll see.  I'll need some warmer socks.  My toes were frozen all weekend!

On to the crafting....
I wanted to share with you what we received in our return package from the Bugs, Birds and Bees swap with Bits of Goodness.

This little owl ornament was crafted by Kat all the way from Australia!  He went straight on our tree after the girls found him in their Advent house.

This is a sweet bird puppet, but sadly there was no tag saying who made it, did you?  He'll probably be tucked away for a rainy day...

This is a penny rug made by Katie.  We'll probably use this for our circle time candle next month.  I can appreciate all that blanket stitching!

I am in love with this super sweet dragonfly made by Teah.  It will be made into a mobile along with a few butterflies...

Last but not least is this adorable felted caterpillar by Mary.  I have hidden him away until the spring for a story about a hungry caterpillar...

Hope your holiday crafting is coming along....I finished 1 set of legwarmers and a few hats....I am procrastinating on starting the overalls.....ah!


  1. Hey, this has nothing to do with your post, but I am making your cloth diaper wipe solution today but I am subbing coconut oil for jojoba for now since I don't have that. How long will this mix last? I'm 7 mo pregnant now, but wanted to get everything ready as soon as I can in case I start feeling nauseous again. It seems to me, that because of the ACV it wouldn't go bad very fast at all...

  2. Sorry for the Anon, but a burning question.... how do these swaps work? I've seen some adorable things posted on your blog from them, and I've been known to get crafty (and sometimes bake-y) myself, so I'm curious! How do they work, who and what all is involved, what are the rules, and really, how do you find one?!

    the Housepixie

  3. Oh, how fun! What a wonderful craft swap:)) Love the caterpillar!! I'm awaiting my box of treasures, I was part of a stocking fillers swap this year..so excited!
    I can't get over the photo of your girls with that gorgeous red hair... so pretty and look at ALL of that snow..wow!! Hope you are enjoying your Holiday season and I'm glad you found a little time to blog in the midst of all the BuSy:) ~ Barefoot Mama

  4. Such wonders that you received! They make me smile, and that's just looking at photos of your new treasures :-)

  5. Hi barefoot and wabi-sabi! :)

    Carissa -
    Sorry, been avoiding the computer. :)
    I would say keep it in the fridge and see. Every single one will be different, depending on what bacteria may be in the coconut oil, or even the water or the bottle you're using. I used to have to make mine every other day or so. Once you get into a routine, you'll be fine.

    Housepixie - If you click on the link in the blog post it will take you to the Bits of Goodness webpage. You can ask to join and then read through the files section. Comment again if you can't find it and I'll send you a direct invite!



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