You Say Tomato...

I say no bueno.

Seriously.  My tomatoes never do well.
I just pulled up the last tomato plant from the summers garden, and I'm glad.  I actually enjoyed ripping the plant out.  I am glad because I won't have to worry about it anymore!  Here's the last measly harvest.  I know I should be grateful for getting anything at all, but...

I am really bad at growing tomatoes.  I think it's a mixture of inadequate sun, overwatering (thanks kids!) and over pruning.

The best plant I had was a volunteer cherry tomato plant that popped up in a crack in the cement. No joke.  It was super happy and healthy and totally thrived. 
Because I ignored it. 
I never watered it (although I did dump random water from the kids water bottles when cleaning out the car).  That's probably how it came to be...from a little cherry tomato that fell out of the car one day.

Look what else popped up over the past couple of weeks?  Can you see it hidden among the squash, calendula and cosmos?

Another volunteer tomato plant!  It's totally on the other side of the yard from where the other plants were, but there she is.  Guess what? 
I'm ignoring it.
I am not watering it, I am not pinching the leaves, nothing.  This tomato plant wants to be a little Winter tomato plant, so be it.

The girls are excited because it means they might get to play with more of these guys

They found quite a few on our Heirloom Green Zebra tomatoes.  Funny that they never saw them on the other  tomato fact now that I think of it, maybe the hornworms are to blame!  The kids had so much fun watching them grow and searching for them, I couldn't bring myself to remove them, or spray them with cayenne pepper or anything.  They are so big! 

So...have any tomato tips, or should I just go here?


  1. Oh my gosh... we had these gorgeous cattepillars on our tomatoes one year... they ate all of my plants and then had me scouring the neighborhood for overgrown tomato plants for them. I'd have to knock on the door and say 'um... your tomato plant is overgrown... can I prune it for you and take the unwanted leaves for our tomato horn worms?" ha ha. You brought back some fun memories for me :-)
    Blessings and magic,

  2. I've never seen those worms before! They are cool! I'm in the same boat as you with tomatoes. My friend gave
    Me a wild tomato plant a couple years ago that, same as you, sprouted in the gravel of her driveway. I tried taking care of it and it started dying. So I put it in my backyard with my other self sufficient plant rosemary. And then it grew fine! Silly tomatoes...

  3. Last year we didn't have the wormies, this year they were out in force and we lost a ton of the red orbs to them. I that they turn into the beautiful Sphinx Moth! lol. We took them off the plants and fed them to our catfish. We did end up with a ton of green tomatoes tho'. :)

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