Homemade Bread #4 - Cafe Gratitude's Onion Bread

Baby C stirring it up...

OK, we made it to day number 5 and I am so happy it's a raw bread!  I've been wanting to make the onion bread from Cafe Gratitude's I Am Gratefulcookbookfor a while, but I was a bit afraid.  I make raw crackers all the time, but the other recipes I've tried for raw bread were...um...not so good.
Going into the D...

If you can get past the slightly irritating names for the recipes, the cookbook is really awesome.  The onion bread is actually called I Am Original.  Well Cafe Gratitude....I am grateful for this recipe because it was original and because it rocked! 

I planned to make it last night, let it sit in the D overnight and then have it for lunch, but plans never really work for me.  So I made it early this morning and hoped it would be ready by dinner.  The pictures, of course, are dark and I was rushing to get the kids fed, bathed and asleep so I could go to a rare mommy party tonight.  Obviously I got home early, which is why I am writing a blog post.  Ha!

Review of Cafe Gratitude's Onion Bread

F - "Oh, I like it a lot!  It's sweet."
E - "Can I have more tomatoes?"  She didn't eat the bread.  Odd because she eats everything.  I think she just really wanted more tomatoes....they were really good.
C - "Ahhhh...."  Opened her mouth for another bite...nuff said.
Daddy - "This isn't bread...why are we calling this bread."  Ah...my sarcastic husband...he is funny though.
Mama - I really liked it. I wish I had doubled the recipe as it only made a small amount.  I'll make it again.  Probably soon.

C had hers with mushed avocado on top

Wow, ok!  So that was Homemade Bread Week.  Kinda fun, kinda silly, thanks for reading.


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