Homemade Bread #4 - 101 Cookbooks' Six-seed Soda Bread

Happy Homemade Bread Day!

Fresh from the oven...

Just to recap:

I have made a dozen recipes off of 101 cookbooks and they have all been good, like really good.
So for the 4th bread I picked her Six-seed Soda Bread.  I remembered seeing is somewhere and thanks to google and the words "seed bread",  I found it!  Had I known about Pinterest back then, I would have just had it there...on my Yummy-Savory board.  Ha!

The girls loved the tactile experience of blending the seeds by hand. 

Right before we popped it in the oven...

I loved how simple it was.  It came together in only about 45 min and was ready just in time for snack. 

I did have a few variations:
  • I used a blend of rice milk and ACV instead of buttermilk
  • I used chia seeds instead of poppy seeds

Check out F's green mustache...

Review of Six-seed Soda Bread

F- "It's too floury on the bottom.  But I like that I can make bread balls with the insides."

E- "It tastes crunchy, but good."  She preferred it dipped into her green smoothie...nice.

C - Closed her eyes and grinned, then picked all the seeds off and ate them one at a time.

Daddy - "Best so far!  Can this be our regular soda bread recipe?"  Sure honey...but that's kinda un-Irish of you...just sayin.

Mama -  It was very tasty.  Even though I'm a bit breaded out at this point, I had two servings.  I really enjoyed the fennel in it.  I was worried it may be overpowering, but it complements the other seeds nicely.
I'll file it away for St. Patty's Day.

Daddy's bread care package...


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