Homemade Bread #3 - Vegan Dad's Pumpkin Pull Apart Rolls

Ok, so I was going to make Soulemama's WHO bread, but then last night I saw these Pumpkin Pull Apart Rolls!  I had all the ingredients and they looked so fluffy and yummy I decided to make them instead.  I had about 1 cup left of our pumpkin puree from last week, so this was a perfect way to use it up.
Vegan Dad is quite the baker.  He even did a "Baking Through the Bread Bakers Apprentice" series last year.  I knew these would be good, and they were!  The dough rose to size just like it should and was very easy to work with. 

Good bread, thanks for rising...

Of course all 3 girls helped me...yes, they're sitting on the kitchen table...don't your kids do that?

The recipe made 2 bread loaf pans (we didn't have the 9in round cake pans) and we took a pan to our home school park day.  It was a hit! 

After only 15 min at the park...

The actual pumpkin taste is very subtle...folks at the park didn't even know there was pumpkin in it!

I followed the recipe with only a few minor changes:
  • I used rice milk instead of soy milk
  • I used whole wheat pastry flour and unbleached white flour
  • I didn't use parchment, I just oiled the loaf pans
  • I didn't brush the tops with oil.
  • I baked it for a full 25 minutes...might just be my crappy oven
Review of Pumpkin Pull Apart Rolls

F - "They're good, I had a lot of pieces.  My friends liked it too!"

E - " Good, where's the pumpkin?"

C - "My breh."  When asked if she could share her piece.

Daddy - "This is the best bread so far.  They're more dense than a regular pull apart roll.  They are effervescent on your tongue...like magic.  Oh yes, I love them. "  Can you tell he's a wee bit sarcastic?  He did like them though...

Mama - Yummy, fluffy and filling.  We will definitely be having these at Thanksgiving.  They're not super "healthy" (I know...I'm a downer) so they will probably only be made for special occasions.

Tomorrow's the big day...what bread are you making?!?


  1. Love it and love the comments :) I'm searching for a good vegan or raw pumpkin pie recipe, any info?

  2. haha.. leeluu totally sits on the table. I thought it was just mine :P

  3. My kids don't sit on the table - but that is because the table is small and would collapse. Someday if we ever have a nice strong wooden one...

    Anyway, I made bread today just because you mentioned that it was National Homemade Bread Day. We use our breadmaker a lot but I wanted something different so I made the Whole Wheat & Millet Soda Bread from The Veganomicon. I'll be writing a review post later on today - thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Those look and sounds reallly good!! I love pull apart bread. I haven't made half as much pumpkin stuff this year as I usually do. Being pregnant has made me lazy :) I'm glad the park people liked it!


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