Homemade Bread #2 - Babycakes GF Cornbread

Have you ever been to Babycakes?  It's a gluten-free, vegan cupcakery.  Yes!  My first trip there was about 3 years ago.  I was visiting my folks in PA and when they came to pick us up in NY I insisted on going to this bakery I had heard about.  We bought a dozen cupcakes expecting to eat them when we got home.  During the 2 hour road trip they all melted.  Their frosting is vegan and GF and super yummy...but needs to stay refrigerated until right before you eat it.  So sad.  I wouldn't let it stop me from eating them though...even though my family made fun of me and my expensive melted cupcakes.

They opened a bakery here in LA last year and I've only been once.  I'm never in LA since I stopped working, and like I said...they cost a pretty penny.  Lucky for me a dear friend bought me the cookbook!  I haven't made anything out of it, but my mother in law wanted GF cornbread for Thanksgiving and I had dog-eared that page in Babycakes.  So that's our #2 bread this week!

We had it for lunch today with artichokes and vegan-hemp-aoli!

Review of Babycakes GF Cornbread

F - "I love this!  Can I have another piece."

E - "Yummy Yum."
This 18 month old is quite adept at eating artichokes.  Don't let the black eye scare you...she tumbled at last weeks Harvest Festival and then pulled the salt crystal lamp on her head the next day on the same spot!  Poor cute little thing.
C - Do you like the cornbread?  "dip".  She wanted more aoli for her artichoke.  Then she gave her cornbread to her sister.  So I'm guessing she didn't love it...she'd been snacking all day though, so she may have just been full.

Daddy - "It's good, I mean it's good for gluten free." Grin.

Mama -  This is surprisingly light for a GF bread, and the blend of flour used doesn't taste earthy like some GF flours can.  Also, beware that if your coconut oil is coconutty, you can definitely taste it in this.  Ultimately I liked it and will use this recipe next week for T'giving.

Have you made anything out of the Babycakes Cookbook?


  1. Yummy!!! Looks super good! Have you ever been to the "gluten free goddess"? yummy yummy site! Love your little ones, the red hair.... kills me! My hubby and I have redish hair and we are waiting for our wee ones to get some!! So far, no luck ;) Keep on cooking (or uncooking!)


  2. Sounds delicious!

    And your little artichoke-eating one is ADORABLE.

  3. We have been to Babycakes NYC! The treats were delish, but a little too sweet as we reduce all sweeteners in almost everything these days.

    Curious to know where in PA your folks are from. We live outside Philly and I'm originally from NEPA.

    Thanks for the easy bread recipe. I will have my 6 year old try it, too. She'll love that! :)

  4. Samantha - Yes, I love the GFG site. :) Mayeb this next lil guy will be a ginger?

    Jennifer - I was born and raise din southern CA, but my folks moved to Bloomsburg PA about 4 years ago for my Dad's job. Do you know Bloomsburg?

  5. i've been wanting this book for awhile. is it in the first of second of their books? my fave cornbread is from simply vegan. i just use GF flour instead of the regular.


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