Homemade Bread #1 - Easy Bread

Hi there!  November 17th is National Homemade Bread day.  Yep, it's a national holiday.
Let's celebrate!

Since bread is not my specialty, we will be making and reviewing 5 bread recipes from other bloggers and cookbooks.  These are 5 recipes that I have had bookmarked to try and now I've got a reason!
We'll photograph the process and then give our family reviews at the end of the post.

We make a lot of raw and whole grain foods, so some people think we're gluten-free.  We're not.  We love our homemade bread, it's just not a huge staple in our kitchen.  Meaning we don't eat bread (or wheat for that matter) every day.  This isn't because I think someone in my family has an allergy, but because we try to rotate different grains into out diet.  When we do make bread it's generally using the methods and recipes in The Tassajara Bread Book(veganized versions), or our two easy breads:  Gnome Bread and Lucy's Irish Brown Bread (secret recipe we learned while in Ireland).

before and after

I first stumbled on this Easy Bread at Super Healthy Kids a while back.  It seemed almost too easy. I wrote out the recipe so my 6 year old could do it all by herself....and she did!

Our Review of Easy Bread:

F - "It tastes a little funny, but I liked it."

E - "It tasted good and sweet."

C - Do you like the bread?  "breh".  Then she toddled off with a piece all her own.

Daddy - "It's good, I like it.  It's dense, but light at the same time."

Mama -  I think it tastes a lot like our Irish Brown Bread but without the sentimental value of the recipe.  It was on the salty side and our loaves did NOT look like the picture on the Super Healthy Kids site.  Of course that may be because I let the 6 year old make it!

Baby C carried her piece around in this napkin...until the dog got it.

What's your favorite "easy bread"?


  1. We've been making a version of the who bread from soule mama and we all love it. It's great for toast and sandwiches. We do change up her recipe a bit though--it's so easy to do with dough cycle onthe bread machine or in the mixer that even daddy can do it.


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