Handmade Holidays 2011

The photos in this post are of me and the girls making homemade apple cider vinegar. This has been on my to-do list for a while and a friend of mine mentioned it the other day, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I'll post on it again after it's ready, in a few months. Here's the tutorial I read and bookmarked...fyi.  Any of you make this before?

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!  I am sad to say I didn't get many pictures of the Thanksgiving festivities...except for this ridiculously cute photo of my nephew.

My parents came to town for a quick visit and we all gathered at my mother in law's house.  This was the first time we combined the feasts.  We usually do two seperate ones, but I just felt like we should all be together this year.  It worked out beautifully, plus it meant that I didn't have to do all the cooking/cleaning myself!  I ended up bringing a large salad with an amazing raw cranberry dressing, this cornbread, these rolls, vegan cupcakes, cranberry sauce, and that's it!  Oh, and lots of wine.  I have no idea how I got off the cooking hook this year, but that's cool...I'll take it.

Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner?  I've written and re-written my handmade holidays list a few times.  I think I'm on the final draft.  It's ambitious, but totally doable if I focus.  I am gonna keep my eye on the prize and go for it.  Want to see some of what I'm making?  I can't show it all, because I love surprises and I'm pretty sure some of my family members read my blog.

The apples became applesauce.

I'm making these adorable overalls from The Purl Bee for Baby C.  I got the Euroflax linen in violet and it is gorgeous.  I've yet to start them because I need to go get the right size needles.

For most of the men in my life I'm knitting some funky beer cozies.  There's a lot of patterns out there, but I am using the one from Knitting With Balls.  I am also hoping to whip up a couple simple beanies.

E and F have both requested legwarmers.  This is the pattern I've chosen, but I am not sure if I love the ruffle, what do you think?

Then of course there's a ton of herbal goodies...I'll do a post on those later.  I'm tired.  And full...

The apple peels will become apple cider vinegar.

If I can't get it all done I have a few Etsy fallbacks:
Hand dyed Jumprope
Wooden Camera
Doll Stroller (our last one is broken.)

What are you making this year?

This will be ready in 4-6 months...can't wait.


  1. I love all the things you are making. I so wish I could knit. So far all I got going that I'm making (not sure which will and will not be Christmad presents) homemade vanilla extract, homemade baby oil, herbal baby bath (good for any age though) , kombucha SCOBY's, felted acorn ornaments and tutus. Ps- if you have a bed bath and beyond near you, they are carrying a few items from this brand that makes all wooden toys! They had a wooden kitchen set, toy tool set, wooden castle blocks , wooden food and wooden pots and pans! Sooo cute! I'm embarrassed to say, my husband bought the castle blocks for our baby who isn't even born yet :)

  2. well so far i have made 7 hats, i am working on a sweater vest for the baby and (fingers crossed) a Tortoro for my youngest son ( i am sorta making this one up on my own, so here is hoping). i am also going to try and get 4 pairs of fingerless mitts made in the next week or so, but we will see about that. and i also want to make one of those fishing games with felt fish and a magnet on the pole. and possibly a game similar to "headbanz" but we will see. lol

  3. I so wish the people I make for would wear hats or something easy but none of them do such things it seems. Even here in MO. I am sooooo behind but that's pretty much my normal. lol. Your breaky boards, however, are nearly done. :) I'll have them in the mail by friday.
    Yeh, not sure on the ruffles either. I'd prob skip them if I was making them for my granddaughter - and she's a girly girl. lol. Maybe if they weren't so "heavy"?
    I would love to learn more about herbals - but that's too much for my brain, and time, right now. Looks like you have lovely projects in mind - <3 the KWBalls book lol! Happy knitting!

  4. Carissa - Thanks for the tip!

    Momto5 - Ok, you are ambitious girlfriend!!

    Robin - Can't wait for the boards! I'm making one with ruffles, one without for the pickier of the two.

  5. Awesome that the leggies came out great! Might have to make some for Madysen; she started ballet class recently. :)


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