DIY Liquid Laundry Soap

Girls made a tower while waiting for me to get the camera...

So, I used to make my own laundry soap powder.  Loved it. didn't love me back.
It would cake up in the washer and not dissolve properly.  Probably my fault since I can't be bothered to sort the whites from the darks (bad housewife...I know) and therefore only wash on the cold cycle. We also have fairly hard water here which contributed to the problems.
So I resigned myself to using Charlie's Soap (which I still have on hand for when we run out of our own).
I do like Charlie's Soap, but I like the price tag and ability to make my own laundry soap much better.

Enter Rhonda over at Down To Earth.  I stumbled upon her Aussie blog and I saw her recipe for liquid laundry soap....huh?!?!...what?!?!?  Yes!  That's what I wanted!  Blogworld to the rescue again.  Been using it for a while now and it works like a charm.  It's very cost effective (like...ridiculously) and easy to make.

F grating and stirring with me

Here's the recipe.  I use Dr. Bronner's pure soap (no scent) because we're uber-sensitive over here.

1 recipe makes almost 10 quarts of laundry gold!

The girls love wash day. 
I do not let them use the laundry liquid (since it has Borax, which is mildly caustic).  I just have them grate extra soap flakes and they dissolve that into their own little bucket.

F usually scrubs, E usually wrings them out and hangs them up.  C usually runs around and tries to eat anything she can out of the garden...

No clothespins left?  Just use an old tomato cage!  Kids are so resourceful.

What do you wash with?


  1. i love making my own liquid laundry soap. maybe i should get my kids wash tubs too! lol

  2. i want to try this one day - seen many a blog post on it myself. can i just say as an aside your girls have the most amazing ginger colored hair i've ever seen! such pretty little fairies!

  3. Hey Mama!

    I hope you are well! I know this is off subject, but I thought I would ask your (vegan:))advice! I am going to make this pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving...
    Do you think almond milk would be fine instead of soy or rice milk?
    Thank you!! Take care!

    Sarah Jane

  4. Thanks Anushka! :)

    Sarah Jane - Looks yummy, and YES! Almond milk, soy milk and rice milk are interchangeable when it comes to cooking/baking. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Very cool, I think I might have to try you think I could add some essential oil to the mix?

  6. Thank you very much for your vegan expertise and a Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!

    Warm wishes,

  7. Kristen, YES!!! Just add a few drops while stirring. Tea Tree, lavender is nice....
    Or use Dr. B soap that's already got the oils in it...peppermint is lovely!

  8. Hi, newest follower here! I found you via Rhonda's fabulous blog post on laundry liquid! :) Looking forward to looking around your lovely blog a little more! :)

  9. I am making this this afternoon. I had a sample pack of rocking green (diaper detergent) and I looked up the ingredients, and then it got me on the quest for DIY. I remembered this from your blog. I let you know how it turns out :)


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