Dancing With Silks

A digital flip-book of sorts...I love my little F.


  1. My Middling loves to do this very thing as well! The playsilks are SO verstile and I never know who of the youngest three is going to come wafting by draped elegantly in them (depending on who Middling has dressed up).

    LOVE the flip book of your elegant dancer :-)

  2. so sweet! we love silks over here too:) Barefoot Mama

  3. When we were little, we had a garbage full of "silks"...old curtains and pieces of chiffon that we wore like gypsies and bellydancers...we loved them and they sparked many a creative costume design. This reminded of that. What girl/woman doesn't like to be draped in colourful, soft, moving fabric like the godesses we are? Beautiful!

  4. Oh Crooked Moon Mama, how I've missed you!! I'm soooo glad your back blogging, I really appreciate wwhat you have to say! I'[m glad things are well and you and your family are doing great!

    Do you remember me? Samantha from Our Waldorf Home? I have also taken a blogging break, in order to create a new one! I've become quite obssesed if you will with making Waldorf Dolls. I have started an Etsy store and created a blog to showcase the dolls I make as well as other Waldorf-y crafty stuff. Mostly try as I might, I lack any amount of time to do anything. I am currently pregnant with baby (boy!) #4!!!!

    Anyway I'm rambling..... Glad your back and I'll be reading up!

    ~Samantha Woodland Woolens

  5. So darling. I wish we lived closer and our girls could silk dance together!

  6. Samantha - Yes, I remember you! Nice to "see" you again, congrats on #4 and I'll go chec out your new blog....

    Sarah - Yes, that would be lovely. F is at the age where she needs a good steady playmate...besides her sisters!


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