Snackie snack!
If you have kids, you know what I'm talking about.  These kids never stop eating.  You finish cleaning up after breakfast, you turn around and one of the little buggers is hungry again!
Actually, I don't mind feeding them as much as I mind cleaning up afterwards (no dishwasher).

A blog I like to read (Mamaroots) did a post on snacks and asked what other mamas out there in Blogland like to feed their kids at snack time.
I was inspired to share a weeks worth of snacks. 
Now, if I aimed to capture every snack eaten by one of my kids every day last week, there would probably be 1000 pictures here.  So I just focused on our morning snack.  It's actually part of our homeschool day.  While F is finishing up her Main Lesson, E will help me prepare the snack and set the table.  We say a little verse and we all eat together.  Our verse usually changes every season, but for now it's:
For the golden corn
For the apples on the trees
For the golden millet,
and honey for our tea

For fruits and nuts and berries
that grow along they way
Dear Father Sun and Mother Earth
We give our thanks today.

Monday : Carrots and raw caramel dip

What it looks like afterwards...just for giggles...
(Yes!  That is a baby C foot on the table.)

Tuesday : Pumpkin hummus topped with pomegranate seeds and curry crackers

Wednesday: Squash curry, curry crackers, apples, guacamole, peach watermelon...
(Wed. is park day, so the whole afternoon consists of snacks interrupted by monkey bars and swings, and jungle gyms.)

Thursday: Pumpkin/hemp smoothie and curried almonds

Friday: Asian pears and Curry Snacks

And that's what are you snacking on this week?!?


  1. Great kid snacks. I want some! I am so low on food right now, so everything you have up sounds good to me. I have been eating frozen Amy's burritos (which I hate because it requires uses the microwave, which I LOATH).

  2. Yum. We are coming to your house for snack. :) I'm trying to be super tight on our food budget, and interesting snacks were the first thing to go. We usually have yogurt with almonds, fruit and coconut for one snack of the day, but I'm out of starter yogurt and haven't made any this week. We also often have popcorn with butter and nutritional yeast.

  3. My frustration is that my kids would not eat most of that stuff. Unfortunately I didn't teach them to eat right from the get go and I have been trying to undo bad eating habits of a 9 yr old and a 6 yrs old.

  4. I wanna eat snacks at your house mmmmmmm

  5. Looks like we have a lot in common! We eat the same kind of snacks - lots of hummus, nuts, seeds, bean dips, raw nut-date bars...

    I love the bunny tray!

  6. Carissa - preggo mama low on food? get some greens and fruits stat! :)
    Sistermama - We *heart* popcorn with nooch too!
    Imperfections - That is frustrating! I would just say keep trying...keep introducing healthy foods in a fun way. Maybe funky dishes, or cool glass straws for a green smoothie, or letting them make it themselves off of a written recipe....
    Kirsten - whatever mama! Your snacks are just as good I'm sure!!!!!!
    Jennifer - glad to see other like minded snacking mamas!

  7. I am totally digging all the curried snacks you have going on! Do you make your own curried almonds or do you buy them at the store? We love curried cashews, but they are quite expensive here and I would love to figure out how to make them! Thanks for sharing! You're blog is lovely!

    Sarah Jane

  8. yum! you are amazing. i can't get my boy to eat those things unfortunately. he's a white flour kid. eek. something i never thought would happen to my child. i've given in.

  9. love that verse and the snacks! That cutting board is too sweet also!

  10. Pumpkin hummus...that I need to try!

  11. Sarah Jane - I made the curried almonds and just did a post about them. They are not as sticky/rich as the curried cashews, but I may try those out soon.

    Anushka - keep tryin mama!

    Mamaroots - I know....these breakfast boards make snack "cute". We sometimes also use wooden disks.

    Erin - basic hummus recipe, but replace the chickpeas with lightly roasted pumpkin.

  12. Could you share your raw carmel and pumpkin hemp smoothie recipes? Love your blog!!

  13. I cannot find the message, did you send it to my email? Thanks

  14. *ERICA*
    I left it as a comment on your blog...whatever post was current... Your Google profile does not have an email attached, so I cannot send you an email. I hope you get this one!
    "Tuolumne Meadows and East side"
    Here's what I wrote....

    Looks like a nice vacation!
    I am sorry about just now getting back to you about the raw caramel and hemp smoothies. :)
    The raw caramel is basically a blend of soaked cashews, soak medjool dates and a bit of vanilla, yum!
    I make all my smoothies with whatever I have on hand. That particular smoothie was probably pumpkin, hemp milk, hemp seeds, dates and vanilla...i think! :)

    To be more specific about the raw caramel sauce. Soak 1 cup of cashews and 1 cup of pitted medjool dates for at least 4 hours. drain well and then blend in high speed blender for a minute. add a splash of vanilla and a dash of salt...yum.


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