Odds and Ends Veggie Stock

Hi all!  I got a few requests from mamas wanting to know how I make my odds and ends veggie stock, so...
Really, it's very simple.  When I'm preparing food I usually chop off the tops of carrots, the bottom stalks of celery and broccoli, the ends of squash, etc.  All the parts you don't really use when cooking, but are still essentially good food.  I keep them throughout the week by storing them in the freezer (in a large freezer Ziploc bag).  By the end of the week it is crammed full and I'm ready to make my veggie stock!

I dump the frozen veggies into the crockpot.
I add a few chopped onions and garlic cloves.

1 piece of kombu (for nutrients and flavor).
A few sticks of astragalus (for it's many qualities...I will do a post soon about that!).

Then I turn the crockpot on low, fill it with water, and let it cook overnight. 

In the morning I strain the bits...

 and pour the broth into mason jars. 

I can just pop it in the fridge, but sometimes in the heat of summer I freeze it for later use.  The batch usually fills 2 quart sized mason jars, but the littles wanted some for morning snack...

Too hot, then, just right!

This batch had:
broccoli stalk
carrot tops
kale stems

That's what I had on hand, but here's some more veggie odds and ends I like to add when I have them:

dried shiitake mushrooms
over-ripe tomatoes (although these usually just get made into tomato sauce...)
cabbage bits (both purple and green)
green onion bulbs (the part you cut off with the stringy ends)
apple cores (ok, I know it sounds funny, but try it!  It adds a bit of sweet)
collard greens stems


Some veggies that you don't want to use for this (from my own personal trial and error):

chard stems
bitter melon
winter squash bits (pumpkin,butternut etc.)



  1. Thanks for sharing this, I'm going to start this week. Great idea to add the astragalus, too, especially this time of year

  2. I love the idea of cooking stock in a crock pot! The house must smell yummy. I will be trying this for sure. Thanks :)


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