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Oh goodness!  Look what I stumbled upon, and LOVE!
Hand Knit Hand Me Downs
What a brilliant idea from Julie over at This Cosy Life.

Grab This Button

Are you hungry on Sat and Sun mornings?  Yes!
Do you want something tasty and easy and someone else to make it?  Yes!
Do you want Vegan and Vegetarian choices?  Yes!
Do you want to gather up all the kids and put them in the car and hope they can make it through a peaceful breakfast at the local cafe? NO!!
Enter Burritos on Bikes.
I found these guys when I was at a Garage Sale.  A guy comes rolling up on a bike and takes out the most amazing smelling burritos.  The girls at the garage sale say they're the best in town.  He hands me a card and I see that they only offer Vegan/Vegetarian burritos.  YES!!
Seriously, if you're in their delivery area, check em out.  If you're not...sorry.

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  1. Someday BoB will become so fabulously popular that they'll deliver to Los Altos. Until then....I am sad every weekend that I can't get one of their amazing breakfast burritos delivered over on my side of town. I keep heckling them, though, so someday...

  2. Julie - They are SO yummy, and nice peeps too. :)

  3. Working on it! :) Or rather my husband is. I'm trying to set up a nav bar at the head of the blog....


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