**Remember these?  It's been a while, so maybe not...but I'm bringing it back!**

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I  love this little felt leaf garland that F did for handwork this week.  I've seen a few of them around the internet, but I believe it was this one that inspired me to guide F through it.

I am loving the Baby Bonnet pattern in this book, More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts.  I've made 4 already (notice the one for F in my banner) and there's another one hopping on my needles tonight for this lovely photographer friend of mine to use on a shoot this weekend.

(Vintage yellow button, from my Mother's collection!)

The pictures in Sing through the Seasons rival the tunes.  Very inspiring for our circle times.  I know many of these from 5 years of playgroup, but it's nice to see the music to go with it, and again...those sweet sweet pictures!!  Love it!

Our whole city loved this insane rainbow during sunset this week.  It lit up Facebook like a wildfire.  It was stunning...too bad, so sad... my iPhone couldn't do it justice.  Speaking of which my camera should be fixed soon!  Yes, it broke.  Again.

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  1. It's great to see you back blogging, and yes that rainbow was very cool in fact the skies lately have been kinda funky...
    Also did you have a chance to find a bake sale recipe?, no worries if your busy..
    Take care...

  2. i love the garland. i think the wee ones and i might give it a go this week.

  3. Oh, my little F would look sweet in that hat - it might just be the perfect thing to get me knitting again. And I need to find a copy of that book although I did recently buy a Waldorf song book that M keeps telling me to "plunk out" on the piano.


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