Halloween (Samhain) 2011

Gather 'round the bonfire, burning so bright

Watch the shadows dancing, in its flickering light

As the music starts, and we begin to dance

Just maybe, if we're lucky, ahhhhh perchance

We shall see some kindred spirits, as they pass by

On their way to the Summerlands, beneath the Samhain sky.

--- Akasha

Photo by Jeremy Dodgen

Photo by Jeremy Dodgen

Happy Halloween!


  1. Great photos! I can't believe how big the little one is! It seems like you just had her...crazy. I love the Halloween plates and mugs, super cute. Happy Halloween!

  2. beautiful! i still can't get over that your baby is not a baby anymore.

  3. Wonderful photos! Love the pumpkin!! Barefoot Mama


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