First of the season...

"The rain is raining all around,
it falls on fields and trees.
It rains on the umbrellas here,
and on the ships at sea."
~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Our first rainy day of the season. 

We holed up in our little home and did a bit of this...

a bit of that...

and a lot of this...

My old school Crockpot whippin up some
marinara with our homegrown tomatoes

FYI - 6 lbs of tomatoes will get you 2 mason jars worth...

Odds and Ends Veggie stock (we make this once a week)

Pumpkin soup in hollowed out pumpkins because eating should be fun!

What do you do on rainy days?



  1. It's rather windy and rainy over here today and I just cooked some pumpkin soup for the your marinara sauce too.

  2. Tried commenting this am and couldn' the picture of the little legs in the vintage-looking tutu!! A treasure...a framer, for sure! This is such a homey post. Let me know if you want a recipe for a pumpkin soup that is cooked right inside the pumpkin! Lovely...haven't made it in years but this post reminded me of it...must do it again!

  3. Angie - I guess Pumpkin soup was the meal of choice yesterday!
    KNitty - I know the whole comment thing is not working...maybe because I keep switching the design of my blog?!?! It's giving me a headache. :)
    Yes on that recipe!

  4. I really like your's lovely! Oh, and LOVE the pumpkin bowls, such a fun idea! - Barefoot Mama

  5. I love making soup in a pumpkin. It is so pretty that way! I am so glad to see your kids splashing in puddles. That was one of my favorite memories as a kid. Splashing in puddles during a thunderstorm when I used to live in Guam.

  6. i love all your projects and fall colors! here the rain never lasts longer than a half hour, but when it does rain and turn gray outside for that half hour, i will sometimes bake cookies with ezra. there's always knitting going on in this apartment.

  7. How do you make the veggie stock? I've been meaning to do it but am not sure how...

  8. Sistermama - I am writing the blog post about it as we speak! It will probably be up tomorrow as I am tired....


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