I walk out to the living room this morning...I see this:

Me - "Oh, how made a bed for Maribelle, is she sleeping?"

F - "No Mama, she's in a hammock, and she's chillin'."

Me - "I'm sorry, she's what?"

F - "Chillin'."

Me - "Oh, ok...she looks cozy."

F - "Yeah, she's cozy and chillin'."

I fear my child does not know what she's talking about...but it was funny...and I giggled.  Wonder where she heard chillin'... ?!?!


  1. so cute! i love when they say stuff that you have no idea where they heard it. they're such little sponges. this is really sweet!

  2. ya! you've been missed in the blogging world mama. nice to see you back :)

  3. haha! that is too cute & I Love the hammock:) Barefoot Mama

  4. My two year old has been saying, "Yeah, that's so awesome" with her little lispy voice...makes me smile. Not sure where she heard it, but she seems to think it's the male version of pretty ("Mommy, you so pwitty. And daddy so awesome"...haha! Chillin' is a good thing. David Myles has a great song about just chillin'...simple pleasures, I think it's called?

  5. Thanks mamas!
    KNitty - Just googled the song, catchy! :)

  6. Oh, yes, she's chillin' alright. How cute!


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