A Blessingway

Being of light, you are ready to come
Being of light, in these arms you will stay
Your body is small, yet your soul knows no boundaries
Please come here to Earth, to lighten my way.
~For you, baby Meyabadi

Yesterday I co-hosted a Blessingway for a dear friend of mine.  A woman I have known for almost 20 years!  It was an amazing experience to hold a sacred space for the mama-to-be.  This will be her 3rd child and we wanted to do something special for her.  To help her connect with her baby and to let her know how much she is loved.  A huge thank you to the real hostess who did almost everything.  You are a special light in this world Ms. K!

I get a lot of questions about Blessingways and birth celebrations. In an effort to keep this one special and sacred I did not take many pictures and I won't detail everything that we did. I will, however, offer some links and books to help guide you in leading one of your own.  Whatever your faith, and whatever your beliefs, a Blessingway can help prepare and make way for a new life to come into this world into open arms...

Timeless Spirit
Birthing From Within
To keep you in my heart and send blessings of love for the labor and birth of your new little light!


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