Bits Of Goodness - Knights, Dragons and Medieval Swap

Bits of Goodness is a lovely swap group that I've been a part of for almost 3 years.  I love it!
You basically craft 5 items, ship them to a hostess (make her a lil something too) then she sends you back 5 different items.  Yes please!  This way I can craft in front of my kids, send them in and then be all sneaky about other handmade goodies (like under pillows, for birthdays, for rainy days..etc.).  It's a group that adheres to a natural materials guideline.  No plastic, no rayon, no acrylic.  Think "Waldorf" toys and you've got the idea.

Here's the items I received in the Knights, Dragons and Medieval Swap along with their makers' info:

Catapult with felted cannonballs - by Samantha

Golden chest filled with treasures - by ?

Gorgeous felt dragon - by Angela
Wooden knight and his Dragon egg - by Hallie

Young Archer - by Priscilla

I made these olive oil/hemp oil based soaps with organic lavender.  I found an amazing celtic dragon mold just for this swap.

Enjoy the bits of goodness, and join us if you like!


  1. I love all your goodies! Especially the dragon and soap!

  2. What a fun idea! I've done version of this with socks and cards but not homemade things. I might be able to get into it once I get more settled. Is it only for families/kid-oriented things?

  3. Bitt - Well, it's mostly a Mama bunch, so a lot of the goodies are aimed towards children's nature tables and such, but we do Mama swaps and herbal swaps and even an edibles swap every once in a while, so sign on up if you like!


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