...about that 5th pumpkin...

I'm here.
Wherever here is, right?

There I was happily blogging about my 5 little pumpkins and then BAM!  It hit me.
Why do I blog?
I mean I've thought about it before and wondered about it, but just kept on typing away anyways.
I enjoy sharing my thoughts.
I enjoy documenting my family life.
I enjoy organizing my pictures and reflecting on them in this space.
I enjoy my blog friends I've met.

So it's Hallowe'en night and I'm about to sit down and type up my "5th Little Pumpkin" blog and I realize there's like 10 other things I'd rather do, not the least of which is hang out with my Mom (loved your visit Mom!).  The night comes to a close (the Pumpkin Fairy was waiting for me to fall asleep) and the next day is here.
Guess what?
I don't feel like blogging that night either!
Don't get me wrong....the pumpkin curry I will eventually post is totally tasty and worthy of sharing, but I just didn't feel like it.

At that point I decided I would shut down the blog.  I decided I was "over it".

Over the next few days life did what it always does and sent some signs. 
  • I ran into a few people who had read something or made some recipe they saw on my blog and had truly enjoyed it. 
  • I got a few emails from some mamas who had gleaned some sort of insight from my ramblings.
These few encounters reminded me why I started blogging in the first place.  To share.  To give back.
I myself have been inspired by so many wonderful blogs out there.  What if we all stopped blogging...how tragic would that be?!?

I get it...it doesn't have to be all or nothing.  I can post when I have the time and the inspiration.  Although at this point it's mostly a time management thing.  I've got about 20 posts in my head and in my camera...just no time to glue them together into a post.  I'm sure all you bloggers out there know what I mean.  Plus the ridiculously long handmade presents list I wrote last week is haunting me.  Great Grandma Jo might not get that handmade scarf this year...hee-hee.  That's why we have Etsy people!

How do you do it?  How do you find the time to blog when so many other things call you away?

So I am still here and I am at peace with blogging when I have the time. 
Speaking of peace...I hope to post this week about my Peaceful Intention for November..

~Peace Out~


  1. I have no time - I'm terribly behind on everything!

    Glad your are still blogging a bit :-) miss you my dear friend.

  2. I am so glad you are back!!!
    I have not blogged in what feels like ages because of that same thing - time management. I feel like time is speeding up and I am in a constant chase of it. No time to even think!
    This is my wake up call: "What if we all stopped blogging...how tragic would that be?!?"
    I am going to squeeze few minutes of my day and blog again.

  3. There seems to be so many of us in this same frame of mind these days! I love how you said it doesn't have to be all or nothing. I made the choice to keep blogging a couple of weeks ago, just not as often. It has taken the pressure off, and when I do choose to post, it's when I have the time to enjoy it. I think you made the right decision!

  4. I have been there, we all have! I am really pushing myself this month with a post a day. My normal routine is to just post when I feel like it, and that works best for me. So do that. We'll be here when you get back. Family is important.

  5. Oh please don't give it up! I know I dont say it enough but I get so much inspiration from your blog and wish we were closer cause I wold love to be friends!



  6. i would love to be able to blog more but it is tough to make the choice to do that over the 1800 other things i could be doing. my camera is crappy so my photos need to be edited a bit which adds even more time to each post.

    i DO so love this space though and the reasons you stated are exactly why i started blogging, too. it's okay to take some space for you and your family but i am glad that you aren't retiring all together!

    here's to finding the balance,

  7. I'm the same way. There have been times when I look at my amount of followers (love you all and thanks!) and the comment tally and wonder why? As soon as a week or so has gone by I feel kinda bad like i'm not doing my homework or shirking some responsability. Another blogger friend once told me that she had the lowest amount of followers for at least a year before she started to notice a bigger following and now she is in the hundreds,like yourself. Also I have to keep reminding myself that my blog is really just an online diary for me and my family and if other people want to jump on for the ride they are more than welcome.

  8. hmm..interesting thoughts for sure...
    I blog in place of keeping a journal....I type so much faster than I write nowadays...
    I also love the friendships I have found here...
    the inspiration...
    I guess I *make* time to do this...it is my creative outlet, and I feel entitled to it. DH understands...I usually blog when DS is sleeping...my house isnt terrible messy, but i suppose I should log off and do those dishes:) haha:) xooxox

  9. I just took a week long hiatus from Facebook last week. It was nice. I read books, made a banner, had a Goddess Circle - made real connections. Then I went back and realized people missed me and I missed them - so I am saving a little time for FB - but keeping more time to myself.
    Thanks for sharing your very similar experience. It is a feeling felt by all.

    Namaste, Nicole

  10. i have been wondering where you were... i am glad you've decided not to shut down. just come when you can! : ) be easy on yourself - you have 3 children and one who is still a baby! you can't expect the same of yourself until the littlest is at least 2 - maybe 3 - maybe never! lol.. hope you have a peaceful weekend.

  11. So glad thay you'll still be blogging! I post when I have the time, sometimes it's not very often. I know exactly what you mean about having posts swirling around in your head, they eventually get out. I say post when you can and want to, I know I'll be happy to read whenever you do =) All the best. I picked up another lil pumpkin to make your raw dressing.

  12. Hello there mama,, we've had so much rain that it blocks out our internet connection and it's amazing how many crafts and presents I was able to do but there were many times when I need help with a complicated knitting abbreviation and something I didn't understand and where was my computer to research it.

    and when we upload photos it takes forever.. so I organize what I want to upload in the evening and then I set it for the morning (the only fast time to upload photos) press select on my entire photo list, most of them are not edited you can tell but I don't have the time. I only have about 2 hours of computer time in the evenings. Then I fill in my text which is usually very brief and simple.. one post a week or every two weeks is more suited for me.

    I backpacked for about 5 years when I was young and I was never disciplined to write a journal and boy do I regret it.. so now this is the best way I can keep a journal for my children.

    A few years of tai chi and yoga really helped me learn how to breath,, and count those seconds of each breath...:) try to make each breath longer.. it also helps to empty the mind.

    When I did my parelli masterclass we learnt about different horseanalities and how to work with each horse in a different way and then they gave us a break down on the 4 types of personalities,, it was so interesting, wonderful ways to work with them. xxx

  13. Im a bit late to this post, but I know exactlly what you mean, and honestly it's something I think everyone hits as a blogger. Just like anything we choose to do, eventually we wonder why and if it is best suiting us.

    I try to blog every week 3-5 times, although I guess technically I "double blog" on threading light which can get tricky, but it is a shared thing, so it works out differently. I use my blog to try to get a glimpse of posative amidst my highly chaotic days at home with four kids. It is something I love to look back on and imagine my children will too someday.

    The thing to remember is that your blog is all about you and whatever that means to you is 100% a-ok! No need to justify to anyone!



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