Wiggle Wiggle

**We interrupt this regularly scheduled pumpkin program to bring you breaking news**


and out it came.

The one on top she's had missing for a year.  She fell when she was two and the tooth died and had to be pulled.  But this was her first natural tooth loss.  It was wiggly for almost a month.  Finally I told her to just gently push it with her tongue and there you go.  Of course you'd think since I had so much notice I would have found time to make the tooth fairy bag I wanted to make for her, but no, I wasn't ready.  So we whipped this felt one up instead.

ready for the pillow on top

The tooth fairy brought a gorgeous crystal (we're sure it's from fey land since we've never seen one like it here) and I gifted her with a knit kerchief I had already for the occasion.

She is such a big girl, my little F.  The changing of the teeth...means so much.


  1. My first daughter wrote the tooth fairy little notes, so I would write back in the smallest hand writting and seal it with candle wax. I still have my tooth pillow from when I was a kid! Losing teeth memories stay with you forever.

  2. Oh that makes me so sad to think soon (very soon) my oldest will loose his milk teeth. It's very wonderful experience, but the thought of my little becoming big---- well you know how it goes! Good thing we have little little ones to snuggle with!


  3. Such an exciting milestone. My middling recently lost her first tooth too. There was much celebrating of the great event.


  4. What pattern did you use for the kerchief?

  5. Hi Astralweaver - I started off using this one here:
    Then I made some mistakes and ended up doing my own thing. Simple and fun. :)


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