Taming the beeswax

Ok, so there we were, working with our beeswax (you know...the Stockmar stuff).

Yeah, that stuff.
It's fun, but it takes a bit of work for the little ones.  I understand the idea behind working the wax over and over to make it pliable, it's a very rhythmic activity, but sometimes my girls will just give up.  Then there I am modeling the beeswax all by myself while they come over and comment on it occasionally.

Earlier this week I got a cup of tea (boricha is my favorite right now) and I sat down to make a few little apples for our story this week.  The girls came over and started to help.  It was a chilly morning so the wax was extra hard.

I took a sip of tea.
I picked back up my ball of cold unappealing wax.
Hold the phone!!!!
I just had an epiphany.

It was one of those moments like when I realized that "Baa Baa Black Sheep", "The ABC's" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" were all the SAME SONG!  Seriously, did you know that?  I just figured it out recently, no joke.

Anyways...the beeswax got all soft and happy when my hands had been warmed from my cup of tea.
Oh what fun we had after that.  F and E would warm their little sweet hands on my tea and then roll their apples.  Sometimes they'd just touch the wax to the cup itself.

Before we knew it we had a whole basket of apples to create my apple tree.

Just thought I'd share...in case you were having problems with your beeswax, or in case you needed a chuckle because you'd known about the whole warm hand idea for years now.



  1. Ha ha - brilliant! I've heard of putting it in the sunshine by the window to warm up, but doing it with tea-warmed hands is MUCH more interactive! Such a delightful basket of appleas :-)

  2. I had no idea they were the same song!! I can't believe that....lol.

  3. We dip the wax in hot water and that works well, but this a great tip. thanks.

  4. You are so funny girl!!! Yeah those "aha" moments happen to me all the time!!!! The apples are darling---- gotta get my hands on some wax--- I just see Finn eating it though--- he has a thing for colors!


  5. huzzah! I so love how you said that:) hehehehe!
    I have been sitting here singing the songs for the past few minutes...you're so right!
    thanks for the tip..sometimes i find beeswax modeling a bit tedious until you really get it going....you rock:)

  6. ok. did not put that together about the songs. the simplest things are so darn not obvious sometimes. AND your trick with the tea is just made my NIGHT! I see L. become un-interested quickly with it from the labor. Will try this soon!

  7. I put the beeswax in my armpit to warm it. Kinda gross, but it works! thanks for the post.

  8. It never dawned on me about the songs either! HA! thanks for pointing that out :)

  9. :) Love the expression "hold the phone!"


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