Little fish, big fish swimming in the water....

Hi all.
First of all, I am loving all the great ideas for the cute little fairy bottles.  If you haven't already, go enter in the give-away.  We choose the 2 winners tomorrow morning.
Secondly...I am so glad I am not the only one who didn't know they were the same song.  Phew!

Now, here's another post full of super cute crafts from a Bits of Goodness swap.
This was the Water Swap.  For my items I knit these wool fish.  I found the pattern here.

Felt-A-Fish bath toys.  You can use them in the bath as wash mitts and the warm water and soap naturally felt them down.  Fun!  Just make sure to hang them out in the sun to dry so they don't get all funky.  Or pop them in the dryer for faster felting.

I've ferreted away most of this for little E since she is quite the water lover and her birthday is coming up soon.
That funky camera my friend lent me was perfect for the watery themed photos huh?  Go visit these fellow crafters and see what else they're up to.

Sea Horse by Goldie

Knitted Squid by Hallie

Fishing toy by Robin

Felted ball by Brynn

Shark bath puppet by Deb

Come on over and craft with us so you can get some sweet packages in the mail!


  1. It's always great fun to me to recognize song lyrics in the titles of posts. And now I have this particular one stuck in my head! (:

  2. all so lovely, love being part of the group x


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