Autumn Circle - Apples and pumpkins and leaves...oh my!

This is our circle time we've been doing this month.  Go here to read the last one and to see where I get my songs/verses/stories.

Autumn Circle - Apples and pumpkins and leaves...oh my!

Oct. 4th - 29th

Opening Song:
(our opening song stays with us all year)
by:Renee and Jeremy

Centering Verse:
(our centering verse changes with the seasons)

The Earth is firm beneath my feet
(bend down to touch the ground)
The Sun shines bright above
(hands reach up to the sky)
And here I stand so straight and strong
(step each foot into the ground)
All things to know and love.
(cross arms at chest)

The apples are golden and ready to drop, uh-huh ready to drop
(Have a child stand in the middle of the circle as the apple tree)
There came an old woman to pick them all up, uh-huh pick them all up
(go around with other child/ren and collect the fallen apples)
A big apple fell and it gave her a knock
(tree lightly knocks the old woman's head)
It made the old woman go hippety-hop, made the old woman go hippety-hop.
(everyone jumps and kicks their legs out in front)
I laugh ha ha and I laugh hee hee, I laugh all day for it pleases me (2x)
(still dancing and kicking your legs out)

(join hands and walk around in a circle)
Autumn winds are whirling leaves
Across the ground so brown
But each one finds it's little nest,
(flutter down to the ground)
and gently flutters down.

5 Little Pumpkins

5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate.
(1 hand up, all fingers showing)
The 1st one says "oh my, it's getting late!"
(1 finger up)
The 2nd one says "what's hiding over there?"
(2 fingers up)
The 3rd one says "there's something in the air."
(3 fingers up)
The 4th one says "let's run and run and run"
(4 fingers up)
The 5th one says "get ready for some fun"
(5 fingers up)
Then WHOOSH goes the wind
("whoosh" with your hands)
and out goes the light
(close hands in a tight ball)
and the 5 little pumpkins roll out of sight.
(roll your arms around and around while you bow to the ground)

The leaves are green, the apples are red
They hang so high above your head.
Leave them alone til frosty weather,
Then they will all fall down together.
(each child gets a red/green/brown silk to flutter above their heads and then drop at the last line)

I'm a pumpkin large and round, sitting on the cold cold ground
Now it's time to leave this place, take me home and carve a face.
Make some eyes
(clap clap)
and a nose
(clap clap)
and a mouth
(clap clap)
I'm a Jack-O-Lantern now, not a pumpkin on the ground
Put a candle in for light, I will glow throughout the night.


The Apple Elves
by: Suzanne Down
Closing verse:
I can turn myself and turn myself

and stop me when I will

I can reach high on my tippy toes

and hold myself quite still.

Our morning is done

but not our day

for what is life

when there's no play.

Anyone else walk around the house this time of year and find these poor little half eaten apples?


  1. This is very cool, Miranda is doing the same 5 little pumpkins song.

  2. I thought it was just us...with the apples. It drives me crazy! Love all your fall ideas.

  3. I do I do! In fact, I have two 1/2 eaten apples on my table now! Sheesh! Poor apples!


  4. i cleaned up 4 apples last night (one of them tucked into the sheets) and another one just now. the fruit flies are loving this trend.

  5. how wonderful, I want to come join in x

  6. I love all of your Autumn ideas! You've inspired us. :)

  7. I thought my kids were the only half apple eaters.


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