Tree Swap

First of all...

Check out this gorgeous hand dyed wool felt I just got.  I picked it up at Company of Angels.  I would have liked one of each color, but that would cost a small fortune, so I ended up with these.

I have plans for each of these color schemes...but for now they made a lovely backdrop for our Tree Swap items!

We received our Bits Of Goodness swap package last week and I wanted to share what we got:

What you don't see in this picture are the little hands trying to grab for all these goodies before I could take the picture!

A lovely necklace made by Goldie.  We must have been channeling the same crafty thoughts.  She dyed her wood though and it looks lovely!

A giftbag with a felt tree on it made by Shannon.  I love this idea and will whip some up for the holidays...hopefully.

A sweet little crocheted tree by Robin.

A coin purse complete with little wooden coins made by Deb.  My children quickly scuttled off with this and played store for an hour.  Thanks Deb!

A wool felt tree finger puppet made by Brynn.  This will be a prop in my circle time next month. 

Thanks again to all my fellow swappers!
Happy crafting!


  1. beautiful...I so want to be a part of bits of goodness....i receive the emails, but I am unsure as to how to start!

  2. I am so glad you like the tree bag! the pattern is super easy. Let me know if you want a copy:) I was thrilled to receive one of your tree necklaces! Lucky we got two as A and D were ready to go to the mat over them! I am so in love with the tree branch coins!

  3. For some reason I LOVE that little crocheted tree! Super cute!

  4. Bending - Just jump on in!
    Malta - yes, send me the pattern please!
    Carissa - my friend Robin made that! I'll tell her you like it. :)

  5. I am so glad you like my little tree :) If you smoosh the bottom a bit, it should stand on its own. The pattern is from LionBrand yarn in their free section.

  6. These are so pretty.
    I'm so inspired to make something with a tree now ;)

    Lucky you to have all these goodies ;)

  7. I agree with Rebecca. I'm part of the online community. I'd love to participate in the next swap. I've just got to figure it out. :-)


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