Storing up for Winter

Ok, so we're not really "storing up for Winter" here.  I mean we do live in Southern CA.  Our Winter is more like most people's Spring. 

**Side note: Is that correct, grammatically speaking?  Is it people's or peoples'?

However, since we picked up this month's haul from Azure Standard...I thought I'd share.  I used to love Sheri's bulk buying posts.  Green and Crunchy where are you?!?!?!?  Does anyone else miss her blog?  Green and Crunchy was the first blog I ever read and the one that got me to start my own.  I do understand why she quit blogging, I mean she's a homeschooling mama to like 100 adorable happy healthy raw/vegan kids and 1 on the way.  Mayhaps she's a bit busy?  At any rate...if you're out the Sheri, this one's for you.

  • 12 pack organic coconut water

  • 2 bags Nutiva organic hemp seeds

  • coconut sugar (Azure has the best price by far!)

  • Organic olive oil - 1 gallon

  • Bragg's Liquid Aminos - 1 pint

  • 5 lbs organic quinoa

  • 5 lbs organic buckwheat

  • 2.5 lbs organic lentils

  • 5 lbs organic pumpkin seeds

  • 3 lbs organic chia seeds

  • 1 lb nutritional yeast

  • 5 lbs organic adzuki beans

  • 2 lbs organic cashews
Oh yes...we will consume it all.

Sometimes not all of your order arrives.  This is sad.  We did not recieve our 5 lbs of organic dates, our 20 lbs of organic peaches and our 4 lb jar of organic coconut oil.  I do need the dates and the coconut oil, so I will have to visit my favorite health food store for smaller amounts of these items.  The peaches I bought on a whim since I like to get all of my produce from our CSA boxes.  I figured I'd just wash, slice them and pop them in the freezer for future smoothies.  Since they did not come, I just might have to go to the Farmer's market this week and pick some up.  Peach season is coming to a close soon....

Anyone else out there part of a buying co-op?

I'm off to store away all of our goodies...what a good little squirrel I am.  Tee-hee.


  1. Yes we have done Azure too. The past few times hardly any of the order came. It's a bummer.

  2. YES! Grammatically correct as you were refering to the spring that belongs to most people! In fact, excellent use of the apostraphe! Love your blog! It always makes me smile!

  3. I am looking at your haul and kicking myself for forgetting to order this month. *sigh*

  4. I miss Sherri too! That was one of my favorite blogs! Her baby is due a week after mine.. if you are reading this, Sheri, COME BACK! :)

    Great post, I love bulk shopping!

  5. Love the bulk order post. I miss Green and Crunchy too!

    I used to order coconut oil from Azure too but found that it's an even better deal from Mountain Rose Herbs. You can find it here: :)

  6. When our food order arrives from the Ontario Natural Food Coop I nearly jump out of my skin with excitement, my mind racing with all of the yummy things we will create.... love this post. Have been reading all of your posts even while I have been absent from blogging!! See my latest with a tribute to you CMM!! xo

  7. Grammar! My favorite. There's lots of debate about this, but only really among grammar geeks. Basically, though, "people" is used as a plural, so it takes the 's if it's being used as the possessive, because it's one of those odd plurals that doesn't end in an s. Isn't the English language fun?

  8. mmmmmm...looks like some good vittles!

  9. Bitt - I'm sorry. We usually have good luck, but our drop would be after yours since we're in CA. I always thought all the WA and OR people got everything they ordered! :)
    Ro- wondered why you weren't there.
    Sara- thanks for the tip. I order form mountain rose all the time, but I never noticed their coconut oil!

  10. What a great order and I miss Green and Crunchy too. Sheri was my inspiration to start bulk ordering from our local co-op, I'm hooked now=) Our freezer is full of raw nuts and seeds! We order the best organic dates from the Date People if you're looking for another option. The barhis are so delicious. THanks for the instructions for Elderberry Syrup.


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