Rose Vinegar is ready...

OK, so I tried to get a good photo displaying the insane color this vinegar is, but alas...I could not.  Trust's pretty.

Read about how to make it here.

Of course I will keep some of this on hand for sunburns and maybe a headache or two, but most of it will be consumed as a dressing.  I just mix it with a little olive oil, sea salt and pepper.  Rose dressing!

The Rose vinegar has an earthy-sweet taste.  You definitely taste/smell the roses, but it's not over-powering.  I make it in an apple cider vinegar base, but if you make it in a white vinegar base then I hear the rose infusion is stronger.  However, I prefer ACV for all it's health attributes.

Now that I had my dressing, I wanted a salad that would help compliment the vinegar.  Nothing acidic, so no tomatoes or oranges or anything.  I thought beets would be nice and keep with the whole "earthy" theme.  I always throw hemp seeds on my salads, so there's that.  Oh and guess what?  The figs were calling to me while I was making on they went!  I know I just posted about how I don't like them, but they rocked in this salad.  The hint of sweetness with the beets and vinegar was perfect.

What kind of salad would you make to showcase Rose Vinegar?


  1. I definitely want to make that someday, cause it sounds so good, and it's so so pretty! (But it may take me a while to decide what it might go well with...)

  2. that looks amazing! thanks for the answering my questions btw. i have joined the yahoo group.

  3. oh man, how beautiful is that!?

    that's a gorgeously tasty-sounding salad.

  4. Beets and figs in the same salad? Sounds like heaven!

  5. I want to make some just for the photography potential ;-) Pretty, tasty *and* healthy multipurpose uses -- love it!

  6. Wow how wonderful! The color is so bright and I love the picture of the vinegar in the olive oil! How pretty. I don't know what I would use this on. Maybe a spinach and strawberry salad?

  7. Carissa - Yes! I just made a kale/strawberry salad and it was yummy!

  8. WOW the colour of that is electric...hmmm avocado and apple might be nice?

  9. Kirsten -'re right! I will make that today. Avocado and apples...


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