Michaelmas Celebration


What is the appropriate phrase here?
At any rate we had a wonderful celebration.  Has it really been 1 week since I've posted on this little blog?  Whoa!  Well it has been a fairly busy week. My Dad was in town on business and spent the weekend with us, yay!  He loves spoiling playing with the girls.  Mon and Tues were jam packed with outdoor water play (it was over 100 degrees here) and preparations for Michaelmas.  I almost didn't even blog about it because I still don't have my camera back, but we really had such a sweet time that I wanted at least some documentation.  So thank you iPhone once again for helping out.

This week we continued our Autumn Harvest Circle but I changed the story to The Brave Little Knight by Suzanne Down.  The first two days I just told the story with the girls cuddled on my lap.  Then today we packed up our baskets and went out to the park to share the special story time with our friends.  I usually only create stories for my own little ones, so it was fun to have a larger audience.  Their little eyes watching your every move and staring in amazement as you bring a story to life is what it's all about people!  I tell ya...children this age (2-6) need that connection and love that kind of interaction.  Better still if the story can be told multiple times so they can then bring it forth themselves.  No pictures of the storyscape though...sorry!

I do have lots of pictures of our Dragon Bread we made though.  The girls woke up and were chomping at the bit to make their bread.  We just used our regular bread recipe (you can see it here) but we used all whole wheat pastry flour since it makes the bread lighter and easier to shape. Papa said it looked like a punk rock duck with a tail, but I think it's pretty dragonesque...what do you think?

F and E did all the almond "spikes".  F wanted a blue eye, but the closest we got to that was a green soybean eye.

Into the oven he goes...can you see the fiery pomegranate seed teeth?  The speckles are little chis seed scales.

Here he is at the park...there's a sweet little beeswax candle we lit to create his fiery breath.

All that was left after about 5 minutes.  Poor dragon, he didn't stand a chance with all the brave young knights around.

I wanted to bring a craft for the kids to do that would tie into our little story.  So we made our own "swords of light" using willow tree branches and wool yarn. 

Michael, make me a sword of shining light
that I may be the strongest knight,
that I may be so brave and true.
O Michael, just like you.

This was one of those wonderful crafts that the mamas end up doing for the kids instead of the kids doing it themselves.  You know those types of crafts too?  Oh good...it's not just me.  In the end the kids all loved playing with them.  I can tell these swords of light will become a tradition for us.

If you celebrate Michaelmas, what are some of your traditions?  Feel free to leave a comment with a link to your blog post about it if you'd like to share.  And really, I'm looking for more dragon bread photos here mamas!

Here's some Michalemas posts I found interesting and inspiring:

I'm a knight brave and true,
strongest deeds I can do.


  1. what a sweet celebration. Love the dragon bread :)

  2. lovely celebration! i love the swords. thanks for the link! our little nature nest added spinach powder and spirulina to their dragon bread. i want to try that next year!

  3. great post, love! lots of creativity....and your dragon bread looks adorable...and delicious!

  4. http://ourbrokenroad.blogspot.com/2010/09/day-of-dragons.html

    This was our first year of doing this so our festivities were pretty simple but I look trying to adding to it each year! Thanks for all the inspiration you offer me! I put a link to you blog on my post too!

  5. I think it looks pretty dragonesque! ( I like the toe nails)


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