Is it really Sunday already?  Oh my.

Let's see...this week I'm loving that papa will be home tomorrow.  I want us all to just sit and stare at each other.  Nowhere to go, nothing to do, we'll try to just "be".  Oh and maybe a nice bike ride too...

Picture of Papa using old booth iphone app.  Ha Ha!

I'm absolutely loving the new issue of Rhythm of the Home.  It's full of rhythym-y, homemaker-y, natural-ly goodness.  Go check it out.  They're hosting an insane giveaway with like 10,000 prizes.  Ok, not quite that many, but at least a dozen or so.  What's your favorite?  I think I'd be thrilled with any of them...but I love the handmade doll Calliope.  I'm also making one of those Thankful Journals for sure.

Oh yes, and I am definitely in love with this salad I made:
Lacinto Kale
raw corn
raw sunflower seeds
rose vinegar
olive oil
himalayan salt
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  1. Yum, indeed! And a holiday Monday of just "being" sounds like a perfect rejuvenating day. Enjoy...

  2. Whoa, rose vinegar? WOW does that sound good. Hope you had a great holiday weekend!

  3. I would like to try out your vegna pepper cream sauce it sounds delicious. Your rose vinegar looks lovely. I would love to have vinegar but find it too strong. When I do it's always Organic Apple Cider, I even give to my horses since I know the health benefits. I mostly use lemon, dijon mustard, olive oil and S&P for dressings, sometimes garlic added.. kind of french dressing.
    The salads I've been making lately are from organic baby greens, sunflower seeds, cranberries, green onions. Rice salads or cous cous I put raw corn, carrot, and I love some feta added for more flavor.

    I just got a recipe for vegan icecream which I shall try soon! sounds Yum.

  4. Yumm! Lacinto kale is one of my all time favorite greens! Love it!



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