Harvest Moon

“The definition of a Harvest Moon is: the full moon closest to the fall equinox.  The Harvest Moon was thus named because it rises within a half-hour of when the sun sets.  In early days, when farmers had no tractors, it was essential that they work by the light of the moon to bring in the harvest.  This moon is the fullest moon of the year.  When you gaze at it, it looks very large and gives a lot of light throughout the entire night.  No other lunar spectacle is as awesome as the Harvest Moon.” — Harvest Moon Lore (AKA lots of people know this...not sure who said it!)

That's one sweet lil pumpkin head!

Our Autumn circle time ends in a story called Harvest Moon Magic.  We are on week 3 of this story, so to say the girls were ready excited for the Harvest Moon would be an understatement. Today was the last day of our story and F was ready to take on the role of puppeteer and prop lady.  E sat on my lap and I told the story while F acted it out.  It was very sweet.

I took this picture a while ago when I was trying out the story...it changed a bit.

This afternoon tension was high as we noticed the surrounding grey clouds closing in...this would block our view of the moon!!!  So you know what we did?  We went to the park...climbed to the top of the play structure and tried to blow the clouds away.  I kind of laughed inside as we did this.  What city kids.  Climbing a play structure instead of a mountain to blow the clouds away...oh well.  We're pretty sure it worked because by 5pm the sky was clear.  The girls camped out in the backyard until it got dark...we even had dinner out there on the quilt.  Of course there were like 5,000 photo opportunities...but no camera.  Poo!

iPhone pic of the moon above our garage...between two trees!

We finally saw it come up over the surrounding houses.  By then it was not the crazy golden hue...but it was an awesome sight an impressed the girls just the same.  I let them stay up until Papa got home and then we all walked down to the beach to get a better view...

We came home and eventually got them settled (a good hour past their normal bedtime!).  I am glad the night was special for them.  I think it's important to keep Earth's natural magic alive and exciting for children.

When I popped my head in a minute ago to give them one last kiss, I noticed that the Autumn faeries had already visited and left gifts of the Harvest...

I took some pictures, but since the iPhone doesn't really work in the dark...you can't see much. 

How many faeries do you think it took to lift these pumpkins?


  1. What an awesome childhood your kids will remember.

    Mine is a little upset with the fairies right now for taking her favorite marble. We left them some pennies and a note to please bring back the marble. So far no luck

  2. you are so sweet! what a thoughtful way to celebrate this passage of time and season.....I love it. The picture of the moon is really cool...even from an iphone:)
    I got your package yesterday...It felt like Xmas! and I LOVE everything...esp. the grape lipgloss! I am a lip balm junkie, to say the least. I will be interested in ordering some from you, if they are available.
    have a lovely first day of autumn! xoxo

  3. you are such an awesome mama! I am tired, come adopt my children please:)

  4. Harvest Moon is beautiful! I am so glad that you share such wonderful moments with your children. They must truly love you. I think it is important to let them fantasize and use their imaginations as much as possible.

  5. Autumn faeries! Love it.

    I couldn't see the moon either but it was bright behind tons of clouds. Boo Seattle.

  6. Happy belated harvest moon. That little pumpkin head is so so sweet!



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