Happy Autumn Equinox 2010!

Oh...I hope you all got out there and did something Autumn-y today!

We started off with a nice brisk walk this morning.  We had to call it short because baby C was getting a bit fussy and poor little E's tummy was growling.

It was actually kind of chilly outside, so we came home and made a nice big bowl of oatmeal with chopped apples and cinnamon.  Yum!

Welcome Autumn!

F and E worked hard on their nature table today.  Saying good-bye to all their sunny-sun summer items and putting them to sleep in our nature table basket.  F is such a sweet sensitive soul she actually started to tear up when we were putting the stuff away.   I told her she could leave out whatever she'd like to from the Summer table, but she decided in the end that the table looked best with only the new Autumn items.

Today was painting day, so for our wet-on-wet painting we used both red and yellow to create gorgeous orange harvest moons and leaves.  So sorry for the iPhone pictures, they are definitely not capturing the beautiful orange hue.  *sigh* My camera should be back soon....

Inspired by the colors of the season, I have started this beautiful hat with some yarn my Mom spun and so lovingly sent me.  Thanks Mom!  It's gorgeous to work with!  No friends, it will not be another Gnome Hat...don't cry.  It's just a simple beanie.

Later this afternoon we got busy in the kitchen whipping up some yummy apple and pumpkin themed snacks...saving these for another post. 

What did you do to celebrate the changing of the seasons?


  1. I drank pumpkin beer and ate some ginger cookies!!

  2. Just letting the whole season change sink in. It snuck up on me.

    To celebrate I made a caramel apple today. It was deicious. Will blog it soon.

  3. beautiful!! I love your festivity stand, too....your girls are beautiful, inside and out!
    that hat will be awesome...great yarn, indeed! I am working on a hat, too....
    We are so excited for fall....festivals, pumpkin patches, and pumpkin muffins-which I am making today for my knitting circle group! yum yum yum:)
    I am sending your package out today:) I hope you enjoy it!

  4. sweet story - isn't is wonderful to have such a sensitive little soul in F? reminds me of my ezra. your orange leaves and moons are lovely as is the girls nature table. did you make it? it's so cool with the branches. the yarn colors are perfect for fall. happy knitting!

  5. Bitt - where are those apples?
    Anushka - It's actually the Fairy house form Magic Cabin, but we have always used it as a nature table!
    Bending - thanks! can't wait...


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