Days at the Rancho...

Thank you to Rob, from Zoartphoto for coming to The Rancho and taking pictures of the classes for Maple Village School last year. These pictures were taken back in June, but we just got them and I had to share.  Rob is a Daddy to one of the little girls in Playgroup and agreed to take class photos for a fundraiser!

The Pre-K and K children at MVS get to have class at The Rancho one day a week.

Imagine that.
One whole day a week in a beautiful outdoor setting...just lovely.

We've visited The Rancho many times this summer and plan to make it a regular part of our homeschooling days too.


  1. Lovely photos, some timeless ones here too!


  2. Sadly I've been so blog absent lately I haven't checked your blog for a while. . . What a nice treat to visit your blog and see beautiful pictures of your adorable little Waldorf family ;) Looks like you all had fun and you had a fab photographer!



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