Broken and Un-broken

My Camera...again.
F's delicate little wrist...yay!

Well, hello little blog!  I've had so many things to share with you over the past week or so...but alas my camera is broken again and I've yet to deal with fixing it.  Should I upgrade to a new lens?  Or should I spend a little less money and just fix the one I've got?

I've been a little lack-luster with posting since my crappy iPhone pics won't really convey what I want.  But since it looks like it might be a while fixing my camera...I'll share anyways.

Here's the iPhone round up (and what we've been up to this past week):

Baby C has discovered how to grab things...but her favorite things to grab are her own toes.
So cute!

F has been a finger knitting fool lately.  I find little finger knitted bits all around the house.  Know any good use for these?  Think we'll put them all together and make a blanket or something...

This is my Autumn apron.  I don my apron when we are having "school".  Pretty huh?

A perfect pitcher for little E's hands.  She was getting frustrated trying to use mama's big pitcher.  I found this at IKEA by the way...

Cucumbers, mint, lime juice and a bit of agave.  Yum!  The kids ate this whole bowl while I was putting C down for nap.  No joke.

Part of our story for this month's circle time.  Harvest Moon Magic.  I'll post more on that later with better pictures because this one is just dreadful. 

Mama Bunny's sweet little babes will be leaving the nest soon.  One of my dear friends is taking them we'll be able to have bunny family reunions.  Look how they've grown in only 7 weeks!  Almost the same size as mama!  Thank goodness our little ones don't grow that fast.

Papa surprised me and bought me two of these!  They were at a consignment store I drive by often and I'd been eyeing them for weeks. I *LOVE* them so much. 
Thank you Papa!

So there you are.  A bit of catching up.  Not sure anyone noticed, but I didn't post a LOVE-N-LINKS on Sunday.  It was fun having a scheduled post...but I'm over it.  I'll still share little loves and links throughout my posts...I like randomness anyways, don't you?

I'm also thinking about sharing a bit more of our homeschooling days.  We get lots and lots of questions about what we do, so this will be a good way to share and a good way for me to document it.  I've been hand-writing all our activities and circle times, so getting it typed will make it easier for me to file and store anyhow.

Til later...


  1. well helllooo friend! missed you :) so you know we dealt with the broken camera thing too recently and we went ahead and purchased a new lens. It was a bit more than we probably should have spent, but we have both been wanting this particular lens for so long, and with how much we use it, we knew we would get a lot of good use out of it. And sure enough we are! love your "dreadful" pictures anyhow though :)

  2. loveliness, as your apron!

  3. What sweet bunnies! I love that chair too! I know how you feel with using the iPhone for pictures, since that is all I have. I just bought knitting supplies because I want to learn, but I am trying to teach myself and I can't get it at all!

  4. That apron is great - I love the idea of having a seasonal apron. I wear one each day - not only do I feel more feminine and "official" as I go about my daily homestead and homemaking duties but it really does protect my clothes.
    Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading more of your story.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  5. it all is wonderful! i look forward to you sharing more about your homeschooling too.. thank you in advance!


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